Kiwi Lemonade, Refreshing Summer Moctail/Drink (Non Alcoholic)

Follow me Summers are all about light food and cooling drinks for me. Kiwi lemonade have been on my to make list. And finally I got a bunch of Kiwi’s which I found on sale. The kiwi was sweet and tangy and perfect for a lemonade. Let’s get on with it. Directions to make kiwi … [Read more…]

How To Make Gujiya, Simple Pastry with Sweet & Rich Filling

Follow me My guide on how to make Gujiya, even beginners can benefit as the recipe is very easy to follow. Holi is the festival of colors celebrated across India. This day officially marks the arrival of spring and end of winters. Gujiya is one of the delicacies made during the festival of holi. Most … [Read more…]