Potato & Corn Turnover

Follow me For my second Guest Post I invited Shreya Tiwari who blogs at POLKAPUFFS. We became friends through common Facebook food communities and love for each other’s work. Having friend who have the same passion as you is the best thing in the world. Shreya has amazing recipes on her blog from desserts to main … [Read more…]

4 Easy Breakfast Chila / Pancake Recipes for Busy Mums

Follow me Sprouts Chila Sprouts Chila Sooji Aur Aloo Ka Chila / Semolina and Potato Breakfast Pancake Semolina & Potato Chila/Pancake Vegetable Instant Chila Veg Instant Chila Besan Aur Beetroot Ka Chila / Chickpea Flour & Beetroot Gluten free Pancake Besan Aur Beetroot Ka Chila / Gram Flour & Beetroot Gluten free Pancake If you … [Read more…]

Grape Energy Booster Shots

Follow me Summers are in full swing, massive heat wave has hit in all parts of the globe. Its time to keep yourself hydrated and energized. These grape energy booster shots does just that. These are delicious fruity shots that give you instant boost of energy. This post is a part of blogger collaboration of my Facebook … [Read more…]