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Follow me Really nice one.

Suji Halwa

Follow me How often do you make something delicious and yet instantly. I am sure most of us know how to make this halwa but there must be some newbees  who are still learning the basics to making halwa. So this is a good place to start. You have very less possibility of going wrong … [Read more…]

Homemade Pizza Tart

Follow me This recipe in particular is my favourite these days. Having a slice with tomato soup….delish. It’s been adapted from Jamie Oliver’s show #justjamie . Amazing show and amazing recipe. Who doesn’t like pizza with loads of veggies & cheese. It gives me great joy when I can make something like this from scrach … [Read more…]

Chicken Biryani

Follow me I have come back with yet another post. This time it’s a one pot meal. A little bit of extra work you have to put in but trust me when the aroma fills your house it will be worth it. When you go through the recipe you will see that it’s fairly easy … [Read more…]

Pesto Paneer

Follow me I am in love with pesto. Whenever I have basil half of it I use to make stock of my tomato sauce for pastas and half for pesto. It gets used up so quickly. Add it to anything and it turns up so good. My husband is a fan of paneer. So what … [Read more…]