1. Amrita Jaiswal

    Hi…which juice tastes best if going for a non alcoholic version? If we are soaking the dry fruits in non alcoholic juices…then do we need to keep them in refrigerator or not? Please confirm. Thank you.

    • Avin Kohli

      Use orange juice, works best with fruity flavor. Any brand. If you are soaking for 2-3 days can leave outside. But for more than that in fridge. For non alcoholic juice it can be kept at room temperature. Make sure the dry fruit you use are fresh.

  2. I soak dry fruits in orange juice and this time planning to make fruit cake with dry fruits soaked in rum. I can certainly try this awesome looking cake recipe for my Christmas bake.

  3. This fruitcake looks awesome. Yes, it is a ritual, lol, but I end up soaking just a month before Christmas. Works great nonetheless, but yes longer the better 🙂

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