Makai Roti

My favorite combo makai roti with saag with a big dollop of ghee. I bow down to all the mother’s out there- I know how much effort it takes. My mom literally kneads dough fresh and makes it with her hand. And so it’s thick and takes time to cook. And I wanted to change that.


Look at these thin and crisp beauties. They are same as traditional ones just easier to prepare. I have special trick that I have used. Though I recommend to knead the dough when you are ready to prepare rotis as it will be fresh.


Serve it with saag paneer. Yummy. You might be tempted to have some extra servings….??


2 cups makai atta
3/4 cup wholewheat atta
Salt as per taste
2 tsp carom seeds/ajwai
3 tbsp oil
Water for kneading


Mix all the ingredients to knead a smooth dough. Use your palm to press down the dough and then bring it together.

The more you need the more softer roti will be. Don’t use oil while kneading. Just wet you hands and knead.

Now for the secret tip- Prepare a plastic wrap by using a clean polethene. Cling film can also be used.

Now heat the tawa. Divide the dough in 6 equal size balls.

Take one ball, dip slightly in oil and smear all sides using your hand. Place it in the plastic wrap. Roll it until the thickness desired.



Carefully remove the top wrap, place your hand inside and remove the roti. Be carefull not to break it. Place it on hot & oiled tawa. Cool on both sides until nice and golden.

Enjoy with saag!!



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