• Avin Kohli

      Thank you so much. I would suggest you to pluck the petals directly from a fresh flower. Keep it in the sun for a day or simply under a fan overnight.

  1. Ever since I started making home made thandai masala a few years ago, I now don’t like the ready made one. Such a handy masala to keep in the fridge for cold drinks, desserts and basically for so many other recipes.

  2. Bhawana

    This year my husband is in US for office work so did not make it. But as soon as we will be together first this is to make thandai powder.

  3. Home made masala powders are always the best! This is the one recipe which I was always plan to prepare every year but fail to implement. But at least this year got a chance to taste this yummy drink in our apartment Holi celebration. So can relate the taste of it.. yum !

  4. I am a big fan of anything homemade. This thandai mix looks very tempting. Has loads of nuts and flavours & i bet you had a great time drinking this today for Holi with your friends and family. Happy Holi to you and all at home.

  5. This is such a flavorful and delicious spice mix. I’ve heard a lot about thandai but never tried making it myself. May be I can make it for next Holi 🙂

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