Why Vaccinations Are Important

In today’s time and age medical enhancements allow us to stay healthy and fit. Our first instict on getting sick is to go to a doc and get a prescription.

Painfree vaccination

Same is the case with kids. Which a child is born they get their first dose of vaccination. And thereafter a series of vaccination.

So what really would happen if they don’t get vaccinated?

Polio has almost eradicated with the help of vaccination. Phnemonia, Measles and chicken pox can be avoided with the help of vaccination. Even tetnus shots are vital for kids as they are more prone to injuries.

Overall opting out of any vaccination that is mandate for a child by WHO is not recommended.

Why Vaccination timing is important?

The recommended schedule is important to protect infants and young children from early age. Because their immunity is low and vaccination can protect them from many contagious infections early on. The schedule is based on various test and experiments later.

As a new parent you must follow the schedule. But if your child is unwell please refrain from vaccination, take advice from your pediatrician.

If vaccination safe, does it really work?

The Vaccinations are made by carefully taking virus and bacteria and essentially weaken them so that they don’t reproduce but provide the role of forming immunity in the body.

Most vaccination these days are safe as a lot of study has gone behind developing them.

As a parent make sure the Vaccinations is WHO pre-qualified. It simple means that the Vaccinations has been evaluated for efficiency and assessed at all stages of manufacturing and distribution.

Painfree vaccination

Pain-free Vaccination

Yes, this is an actual term. Many new parents dread the Vaccinations. It’s painful for the child and a cranky baby is not easy to handle for parents.

But there is an alternative!

Traditionally vaccination causes pain soreness, fever or even tenderness; temporarily ofcourse.

But pain free vaccination are painless and has fewer side effects and works just the same as a regular vaccine.


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  1. Hannah

    I’ve never heard of pain free vaccinations! How do they do them? Luckily my two girls have super high pain tolerances so shots are that big a deal, which I’m super thankful for! And super thankful for vaccines! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are doing what you think would be best for your child, and others are doing the same by not vaccinating. We choose to not vaccinate our children based on the research my husband (who is in the medical field) have both done. Would share info with you if you are interested to know the other side of why medical professionals and families make this choice. Personally, I was vaccine injured at age 2 and due to medical reasons with neurological disorder, autoimmune disorder that run in the family, we choose not to vaccine. Hope you and your family stay safe and healthy. All the best.

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