10 Mistakes To Avoid When Feeding Solid Food To Babies!

Today I am a proud mom who can say my baby eats everything. But its been a journey. Starting solid foods can be daunting task. Especially if you are a first time mom.

Babies as early as 4 months old start eating solids and babies who are over 7 months can sometimes reject food when starting solid food.

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Solid food feeding mistakes

You sit with a mom of a small baby and you will know all about the problems of feeding a baby.

Ideally we need to wait for 6 months to start with solids for babies. It’s at 6 months they develop a better digestion and ability to swallow solid food plus mothers milk alon is not enough for their proper growth and development.

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Avoid these 10 common mistakes when feeding your baby solid food. These are so common that they may be ignored sometimes.

  1. Starting solids too soon when your baby may not be ready for it. Look for cues that may tell you if they are interested in your food or they may still feel hungry after a breastfeed.
  2. Waiting too long to start solids can also be a huge problem as baby will be more inclined to have breast milk over solid food. And that can delay the whole starting solid journey.
  3. Not understanding the hunger cues is one of the most common signs ignored. You may feel a baby is cranky or crying due to some problem but infact baby could be hungry and would need more food to satisfy them for long.
  4. Not understanding when baby is full is troubling because as a baby they can tell whether they are full or not. But if they are not taking in any more food even after a sip of water or a gap of 5 mins its most likely because they are full.
  5. Expect them to finish the food prepared is just wrong.expectation. Babies may or may not eat the whole food depending on how much they feel like eating. Eat time it will be different.
  6. Offering too much sweet food like candies, sweet treats, lollies etc can be bad for them plus they don’t have any nutrient value.
  7. Not offering variety early on and sticking to basics of food can limit your babies taste and they may be less likely to tru different food later on.
  8. Feeding different food from family is difficult to prepare and feed baby plus its not practical for long time to continue. Its best baby eats meals that family eats just alter according to baby’s age.
  9. Comparing kids and their eating pattern is a lost cause. If you have kids already or some neighbors kids or friends baby make sure that you dont compare the amount of food. Each baby feeds differently.
  10. Not letting baby explore food or crockery is a big mistake. Allow baby to play with food, feel the food, plate, spoons and let them make a mess and enjoy.

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Solid food feeding mistakes

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