15 tips to loose weight without dieting or working out

How many of us would like to loose weight without dieting or working out….umm almost everybody. I know I would. Seems impossible, not quite.


Not everyone is cut out for a workout or have the time or money for it. And if you’d think dieting is easy try it. I am sure most of us would have tried to diet once in our lifetime but how many times we could actually stick to it. And is it really possible to follow a diet long term.

Let’s face it dieting or working out are short term goals. You may do it for a while or even take break to continue. But as soon as your off the diet or stop doing cardio some of the weight ( if not all ) comes crawling back.

The only actual way to loose weight is to make lifestyle changes.

The truth is that the only way you loose weight or maintain is if you are calorie deficit. Meaning if you eat less calories than you need you loose weight. Ofcourse there are other factors considering your lifestyle, physical activity level, personal habits.

Eating less is essential for weightloss. I believe whoever said eat small and frequent meals (every two hours) is a load of crap. Who has the time to cook and prep so much! Instead divide your meals as 2 main meals and 1-2 snack (only if you feel hungry for it) + breakfast (optional).


Here I want to share 15 tips to loose weight without dieting or working out-

Use smaller plates

Trust me it does work in controlling your portion size. When you are using small plate you are basically tricking your mind to think you’ve had enough.

Use small plates

Portion control

As I said eat less, portion control means that. Listen to your body. Most of the times we know when we over eat, we know a second serving will be too much but we still do. Because we can. But if you know your signs you can curb it. Basically eat till you feel you still might have some space left. Fill your tummy upto about 90% full.

Portion control

Eat without gadgets

So when you are eating with a screen in front you will automatically eat more. It’s like your brain does not give signal to your body to stop because it’s busy watching a screen. Instead eat with family on a dining table, if you live alone still eat next to a window but not a screen.

Eat without gadgets

Eat slowly

Gulping down food is never good and it all comes down to eat less. Ironically eating slowly makes you eat less. Try it.

Eat slowly

Drink water before a meal and not after

Drink a glass of water 60 mins before having a meal. Because if you are thirsty during a meal you are more likely to overeat. And in no condition have a glass of water after a meal. If you feel thirst have a few sips but don’t gulp.

Drink water before meal not after

Eat more protien less carbs

We should be having 1 gm per kilo of our weight daily. So for example if someone weight 50 kg then they should be having 50 gm protien in their food for the whole day. An easy way is just to google your food items and it will give you a rough idea about the protein per gram value and you can then eat. You’d be surprised to know the protien value in some of the foods that we eat. There are plenty of apps to calculate the nutritional value of your food. So it should be more protien based.

Eat more protien less carbs

Remove Whites From Your Diet

Sugat, rice, Flour, bakery food all these should be avoided. Instead shift to their healthier alternative. Eat brown rice, use natural sources of sugar, eat homemade, local and fresh.

Remove whites from your diet

Dont eat anything that comes out of a package

Gow many times I beat myself up to give in and open a bag of chips to munch on or a diet coke for feeling too heavy or thirsty? This only makes you prone to over eating because packaged foods are designed in such a way that they become addictive. Instead grab a cucumber or a fruit when hungry.

Don't eat anything that comes out of a package

Avoid Alcohol Or binge Drinking

Drinking alcohol everyday is never wise. But if you think drinking a lot on weekends is ok even if you don’t drink the whole week is also not okay. Be mindful about how much you drink. Plus remember the amount of snacks you may eat with drinking.

Avoid alcohol or binge drinking

Have hot water empty stomach

This has been a tried and tested way to reduce weight. What hot water does is that it charges your body, wakes you up and also fastens your metabolism. It’s also good for your bowel movement. Please note that never add honey to hot water. You can add honey to warm water or add some lemon juice. I have an amazing Weightloss drink recipe that you should try.

Have hot water empty stomach

Eat On Time

You should be eating food at the same time everyday. Even if it’s a weekend, holiday whatever. Your body is not a dumpster, treat it like a guru. Give your body food on time. Rest everything can wait for later. Often neglected timings do matter. That being said half an hour here and there is ok.

Eat on time

Don’t Fill your kitchen with unhealthy food

If you have unhealthy food in your kitchen cabinet you are going to eat it, otherwise why have it. Stock on more fresh produce- fruits, vegetables, dairy, protien rich foods. Remember your health relies on what you shop.

Don't dill your kitchen with unhealthy food

Sleep on time

With screen time taking over our life so much we need to dedicate sleeping routine. Fix a timing and then stick to it. You can binge watch your favourite show in the day time or during weekend day time. Even on weekends fix your sleep timing and your body will thank you. As an adult you need 7-8 hours sleep daily.

Sleep on time

Wake Up On time

There are people who wakeup in the morning easily and then there are people who just cant. So if you are not a morning person you should definitely be trying towards it. Our bodies are designed to function better in morning. Imagine the time you will save by waking up early in the morning. Plus it gives you positive vibes again good for body and soul.

Wakeup in the morning


Often neglected our minds needs healing and relaxation too. Meditation makes you stronger from inside. It calms your mind and hence your body reacts to it too. Heard of stress eating?? Meditation helps you in keeping up with your healthy lifestyle.


I know all this may seem intimidating to follow. But honestly the trick is to take one step at a time. Start with 1 and gradually pick up other habits. If you think you can do in a week I am sorry but you’re mistaken. Changing lifestyle takes time but it stays with you for a long time.

And try to include some sort of workout. I love workout videos From Lucy Wyndham-read.


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