3 Natural Hair Conditioner In Your Kitchen

Did you know our kitchen has a plethora of hair and skin care wellness. Here we are discussing 3 Natural Hair Conditioner In Your Kitchen.

Hair care is often neglected over skin care. A lot of us believe that hair and skin is genetic or hereditary. And yes to some extent that is true.

But you still gotta take care of what you have.

Let’s take my example. I have long hair that touches my waistline. Now as long as that is they lack volume and without any extra care they are frizzy and dry. It also depends on the whether how my hair will turn out to be.

These 3 Natural Hair Conditioner In Your Kitchen are simple basic but I guess I want to share some details ‘ about them ‘ that are often passed on as obviously, I knew that!

3 Natural Hair Conditioner In Your Kitchen

Coconut oil

So so important that you nourish your hair with oil. But Coconut oil is so basic and we all have it.

What I usually do is oil my hair at night(if you heavily oil hair, protect your pillow with extra layering) and go to sleep. Next morning wake up fresh, shampoo and get shining, bouncy hair.

Honestly it’s so basic and I do this every 15 days. It’s kind of like good for my hair. And the softness it gives. You will never need a conditioner.

3 Natural Hair Conditioner in your kitchen

Also you may need to wash your hair twice in one go to get rid of all that oil you smothered. Don’t say later, I didn’t tell ya!

And to top it off if you add curry leaves to your oil your hair are going to thank you.

Want to know what & how I do?!

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Yougurt/curd has been mostly used by me when I have super dry hair. It’s like one up for people with dry hair, heavy thick hair, frizzy hair or if you have dandruff. It also conditions your hair so well.

Why I said for dry , frizzy hair mostly because curd has a lot of natural fat that your hair and scalp needs. If you have naturally oily hair then curd is not the best conditioner for you.

Just take 1 cup curd or as per your hair length and volume. Apply generously covering hair and scalp. Keep for 30-60 min. Wash off and shampoo.


So this one if for people ok with the egg smell. If you want replace the eggs with mayonnaise (yes it actually works but it’s not really cost effective).

So 1 egg mixed with 1 tsp water works great. Apply on your hair. Mostly concentrate on your length and area where there is more frizz.

Wash off and shampoo later.

Egg is high is protien and it nourishes and conditions the hair beautifully.

A lot of time heating and styling products can harm your hair and these natural ingredients are a must use. Pure and natural!

So these were my 3 basic hair conditioner and how to apply them.

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