47 Days – New Movie On ZEE5

Every since lockdown and now unlock down my appetite for good quality content online has increased.

I like to watch quality content which challenges me and my limits as a viewer, entertain me and brings amazing performance. I feel we have more and more people looking for good content which reeks talent and some thought and research about the project.

I am currently obsessed with amazing content on ZEE5. From action to romance to comedy they have it all.
New releases catch my eye very soon and after watching 47 days I have to say that you don’t wanna miss this one. Catch “47 Days” exclusively on ZEE5.

47 days is a Telegu thriller movie written and directed by Pradeep Maddali. The movie Lead stars are Satya as Satya Dev Kancharana and Juliet as Pooja Jhaveri. The ear-catching music is given by Raghu Kunche.

It’s a story of Satya, a cop who lost his wife in mysterious circumstances and unexpectedly gets charge of a case that’s connected to his wife’s death. While investigating the case he actually hunts down his own past because of which his own life goes upside down. And while solving the mystery what and how things unfolds makes the rest of the story.

If you are a fan of thriller movie then you have to watch the movie. The one minute trailer online looks visually appealing and with Satya Dev’s voiceover, it’s intriguing enough for you to watch the movie.

I loved the tough cop yet stylish look on Satya Dev. Haunted house, mysterious locations makes for a very promising suspense murder mystery.

Any suspense thriller would be highly supported by good background score for which we need to applaud Raghu Kunche. It’s so banging on.

Overall an amazing storyline which makes you grab your seats till the end wondering, well-performing star cast that justifies the story and what the characters needed, beautiful music by very famous Telugu composer Raghu Kunche and well written and directed by Pradeep Maddali makes it a must-watch movie.

“47 Days” is a gripping story and a perfectly executed movie. Streaming Now On ZEE5!

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