5 Fruit Purees For Babies Starting Solids 6m+

Homemade baby food is not only tasty but healthy option for babies. And since they are ready to eat solids learn the correct way of introducing solids to babies.

Most brands available for baby food have artificial flavor added to them and not to mention the excess amout of sugar added to it plus the preservatives.

Although they may look like a good option while travelling but make sure your babies don’t get addicted to the store bought baby food.

Fruit purees are a great way to make baby eat fruit and provide them with many colored fruit and give them their daily dose of fibre.

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Most babies like eating fruit puree because they are naturally sweet that’s why fruit purees make for a great first first food for babies starting solids.

Can I make big batch of fruit puree and freeze-

Yes, babies need very little food in starting so it’s a great idea to cook fruit puree in big batches and freeze them. Even puree of two to three apples or pear will last you about 2 weeks.

But not all fruits can be frozen. Apples and pears are the best fruits that can be frozen for upto 2 weeks.

How to freeze fruit purees-

It’s advisable to prepare the puree and let it cool down completely. Once cooled freeze them in usable portions. I find ice tray best for this. So fill the trays with pureed fruit and freeze. Take out only how much you need and place the rest back.

Always thaw the puree and let it come to room temperature before serving to babies.

Whatever food is left please discard it. Don’t mix it with other food or place it back in freezer as the saliva in baby’s mouth will mix with the food and the food will start to disintegrate and go bad.

How to feed fruit purees-

Babies just starting solids should be fed 2-3 tbsp at the start. Once they get used to eating the fruit add the puree to their oatmeal, make ice lollies for them to chew, add to ragi porridge. Basically you can replace puree with anywhere you need sugar.

Things to know

  1. Steaming fruits is an important step for easier digestion for babies below 8 months. Babies 6-8 months old have little tummies that can get upset easily with heavy foods so try to keep portion small and cooked well without any lumps.
  2. Fruits like banana, kiwi, avacado do not need to be steamed. Simply mash them with a fork or in a blender to make smooth puree.
  3. Always follow the 3 day rule to avoid any allergies or tummy troubles.
  4. Feed the fruits seperately before mixing two fruits together.
  5. If your fruit puree is too thick to feed baby then adjust the consistency with expressed breastmilk, cooked and cooled formula. But after adding milk don’t reheat the puree.

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Directions to make Fruit Purees-

How to make Apple Puree-

What you need-

1/2 apple

*peel the apple if baby is below 8 months

A steamer

A small blender

What to do-

Chop the apple roughly.

Steam the apple until cooked. Takes around 5 mins.

Once cooled blend it into a puree.

Strain to remove any big pieces.

You can make large quantities of 2-3 apples and store in an ice tray in freezer.

Take out how much you need and place the rest back immediately.

How to make Banana Puree-

What you need-

1/2 banana

Fork to mash or a blender

What to do-

Chop the banana roughly.

If using fork mash the banana straight into a bowl.

If using a blender, blend banana till it’s smooth.

If you want to adjust the consistency add pumped breastmilk or prepared formula.

No need to cook banana puree.

Banana puree should be fed fresh.

How to make Pear Puree-

What you need-

1/2 pear

Peel the skin of baby is less than 8 months.

A steamer

A small blender

What to do-

In a steamer steam the chopped pear until cooked.

Once the pear is cooked let it cool down a bit.

Blend into a puree. Strain to remove any lumps.

Serve immediately.

Pear puree can also be frozen easily.

How to make Mango Puree-

What you need

1 mango

Some milk or water

What to do

Scoop the pulp out of mango.

Mash or blend into a smooth puree.

If needed add boiled and cooled water or some milknto adjust the consistency.

Babies 7month plus can start eating mangoes.

How to make Avacado Puree-

What you need

1 medium size avacado

2-4 tbsp milk

What to do

Scoop the flesh of half an avacado.

Mash with a fork.

Add milk to adjust the consistency.

Babies love this puree.


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