5 tips For How To Select A Playschool For Your Kid

Are you a parent to a toddler who’s ready to go to playschool. Are you confused about which one to choose. Here are 5 tips for how to select a playschool for your kid.

Selecting a playschool is a big thing. One should already remember the importance of education in life. I know I was concerned that playschool is the beginning of my child’s learning so it should be a good one. But as we all know this is also a big industry where making money comes before the education. But do make sure that your child is ready to go to playschool.

So let me take you through steps on how to find a playschool for your kid-

  1. Research– Checkout all the playschools in your area that you are interested in. A lot of info is available on google regarding this. Have a look around your self too rather than just relying on internet. Check for fees, cleanliness, staff, play area, class rooms, modes of transport, communication medium, activities. Follow their FB pages to get information about the day to day activities.
  2. Shortlist– Once you have collected all the info that you need shortlist a few schools out of which you may eventually choose one. This could be as per your specific need. For example a particular school fits in your budget or they have day care that you like or they could have play activities for your active kid and so on.
  3. Plan a surprise visit– After your research part plan a surprise visit. The schools are very well prepped during admission time or during weekends because they know that parents will come to inquire or visit. But a surprise visit may very well show you that whether the school actually has a planned way of doing things or not.
  4. Security– This is the most important factor to choose from. What are the schools security measure, how the kids are handed to the parents(check during surprise visit) and if they have cctv or GPS in bus with a lady to accompany the kids. With all that is happening around us with small kids this is the most important thing of all.
  5. Inquire with friends/ groups– If you have any groups or friends who have kids same age as yours or a bit older they could help you in choosing or giving a feedback about a particular school. But it should not mean that you have to take admission in same school because your friends is also doing the same. Its your kid so its your responsibility to take an informed decision.
How to select playschool for your kids

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5 tips for how to select playschool for your kid

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