I am in a meeting…Don’t make noise…I can’t play with you…

These have been few of the common phrases said to kids ever since the pandemic started. During the prolonged confinement when kids were away from their friends, seldom were times when our little ones got a chance to express themselves in an unfiltered way.

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Keeping this in mind, this Children’s Day, Nickelodeon – India’s leading kids entertainment franchise – inspired kids to express themselves, unfiltered, through a fun and empowering campaign #NoStressExpress. During the campaign, it got me to thinking what the ways are we can help our kids to express themselves.

Here are five easy ways to help the little ones to speak their hearts and mind out!


Art is the best way for creative self-expression. No wonder it’s said, A picture speaks thousand words! Creativity encourages kids to express in their own ways and also helps in improving physical, emotional and mental-being. Encourage your tiny tot to explore different art forms and see their favourite artistic mediums.

Kids express themselves

Labelling the emotions

Helping kids label what they are feeling can help them in expressing better and differentiating between different emotions. For instance, you could say, “Mumma is happy to see that you have finished your food!”. One can also take the help of pictures, books, favourite characters to point out the emotions shown.

Kids express themselves


Can you think of that song which helped you sail through difficult times? Or the one that makes you happy? Most likely the answer to these questions is a yes! Music has the ability to help kids to communicate their minds and hearts. Whether it is singing, performing, or even listening, grooving to the tunes can allow them to express themselves to the world!

Kids express themselves


Encourage them to express themselves through their hobbies! Perhaps they like to get creative through yoga, dance, or let out their pent-up energy through karate. It’s a win- win! Not only will they be able to express who they are, but they will also be keeping healthy and fit in a way they enjoy.

Kids express themselves

Let them be the decision makers!

How about giving them the liberty to take decisions of the next outfit they want to wear or what they want to eat. Letting them take decisions for matters as small as these gives them confidence and understand their choices and preferences!

Kids express themselves

Small steps can make big difference when it comes to letting them express themselves. Always encourage and remind your tiny tots #NoStressExpress !

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