7 Tips To Stay Focused And Productive While Working From Home

The terminology ‘working from home’ is not only associated with those corporate employees who are working from home, nowadays in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, rather this term is also related to full-time freelancers.

The remote working environment may be challenging especially to those who are the newcomers to this kind of working environment.


It can be tough to channelise the same level of energy, focus and productivity that one might have in a typical office set-up. And most importantly, when you are away from your team or any essential office item, it is most likely to get distracted due to the lack of collaboration and connection which is much-needed to work efficiently.

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Here are 7 Tips To Stay Focused And Productive While Working From Home


Sometimes adhering to established working hours may sound difficult, however, it is essential if you want to maintain the same focus and productivity each day. Make sure that you do not look back to your work once you have signed off.

Remember, work never ends, so if you think that sitting for an extra half an hour will complete your day’s work, is completely a waste! Hence, set-up clear working hours, say for 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, but then after, do give yourself time to relax and enjoy your evening with your family.

Close unwanted tabs on your screen

This step, although look very irrelevant, is very effective in keeping you focussed on your work. Most of us, in general, keep a lot of tabs open on our laptop/computer screen even if it is not important or required. This makes our mind confused and distracted from the main work. Hence, keep all those ‘unwanted’ tabs closed on your computer/laptop screen and especially those of social media. The notifications keep on popping up and disturbs our concentration.

Note down important things-to-do

Before starting up your day to work, make a list of all-important tasks which you are supposed to do or complete on that day. And strike-off once you have completed that listed task. This will keep your workflow organised and proper.

Keep Your Workplace Tidy

This should be the foremost thing which one should follow even if he/she is working remotely from home. This healthy routine not only keeps your workplace clean and tidy but also helps your mind to stay focussed. That unwanted clutter usually distracts our mind and breaks the concentration.

No Pyjamas

This step may sound funny but is very relevant. If you wear pyjamas or any other casual outfit during your working hours, it makes you feel lazy and less energetic. Scientific studies have shown that formal wears help to improve focus for any work and keeps you energetic throughout the day. So, follow a proper dress code even if you are at home working remotely.

Take a proper lunch break

Many must be taking their meals while attending any urgent call or completing any important work. But this habit is unhealthy and one should avoid as much as possible. When you eat your meals while concentrating on any other thing, nutrients may not get fully absorbed into your body, thereby making you dull and lazy for the rest of the day. Therefore, make sure you properly enjoy your mealtime by taking a proper lunch break.

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Take some ‘mini’ breaks, too

Yes, Ek Chhota sa break to banta hai (a small break is needed) to keep you productive throughout the day. Whenever possible, take a small break, have a glass of water or just simply stretch your body, take a round of your room and then come back to your work. When you take these ‘mini’ breaks, your body gets reset and your brain starts functioning more efficiently.


Working from home has become a new normal, nowadays. For some, this can be a good time whereas, for some, this can be exhausting and stressful. Therefore, do not get overburdened and stressed just because of your work. Always remember, work regularly, but steadily, as this will keep you focussed and productive for your work.

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