Aam Ka Panna, The Summer Drink Loved By All(Raw Mango Drink)

Aam ka Panna is by no doubt the mother of all summer drinks.

It’s cooling, refreshing and tasty way of keeping hydrated this summer. Ditch your cold drinks and artificial juice for this. Generations before us were really into making their own drinks to beat the summer and this one was one of the top ones.

Directions to make Aam Ka Panna-


1kg raw mango/kairi

1kg sugar(use more if you like it sweeter)

8 tbsp roasted cumin powder (Bhuna jeera)

2 tbsp black salt(kala namak)

1/2 tsp white pepper powder(optional)

3-4 handfuls of fresh mint/ pudhina(optional)


Peel the mango and keep aside.

In a thick bottom pan cook the raw mango with 1 cup water.

** if using mint then add mint while boiling the mango.

Now let it cool down a little.

Then scrape the pulp from the seed. Add sugar. The little bit heat in mangoes will dissolve the sugar.

**I have grinded the sugar before adding to the mango.

**If sugar is not melting you can re-heat it too. Make sure not to cool the sugar too much.

Now add the masala- salt, roasted jeera, white pepper powder.

When cooled down grind it once again for smooth consistency. You can even strain it but it’s up to you.

Reserve in a clean container. It will stay good for 3 months in fridge.

Just mix with soda or water to make Aam Panna as per your taste.


This recipe can easily be halved but I love to make it in bulk and enjoy it over the course of summer. 

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