Beautiful Oriplast Chromium Plated Bathroom Fittings For Your Home

Follow theyellowdaal In today’s time we value more in enjoying good things and a fancy lifestyle. Part of which is our home. We work so hard to make our home beautiful, fancy and up to our standard. A beautiful home is incomplete without an equally beautiful and efficient bathroom. But often it is the most

Best Water Purifier Under Rs.15000/-

Follow theyellowdaal Water is vital for us to survive as humans but clean water is even more important.Water absorbs anything around it so it’s easier for it to be contaminated by bacteria and micro organisms and as a result you can get cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea etc. like diseases that are fatal to our body. Unfortunately

Restaurant Style Chilli Paneer Gravy, Indo Chinese

Follow theyellowdaal Indo Chinese is not only famous but darn delicious. And I for one need to eat some for a change maybe every second week. I mean most people I know would love to eat Chinese and our Indo Chinese has certainly evolved. But the street style/restaurant style chilli paneer can never be beaten.

Curlvana Gentle Shine Conditioner Review: Does it Work?

Follow theyellowdaal Like fingerprints, curly hair is never the same. Different people have different kinds of curls, however, there is one thing that is common between all curl patterns and that is frizz. If you’re a curly beauty, you’d relate to how much of a problem frizz is. It is the reason why women with

Nayra India Launches Eco-Friendly Reed Diffuser For Your Home

Follow theyellowdaal Who doesn’t want a fragrant-smelling home! But with all the chemical-laden fragrances available in the market. It was always my concern that they are not good for me and my family. You can naturally create a refreshing ambiance at your home. Aroma diffusers yield a good option that is worthy of modern family

15 Summer Fruits & Their Health Benefits

Follow theyellowdaal If there is anything good about summer it is the season of Mangoes. But the king of fruits is not the only fruit you can enjoy in summers. Infact there are so many fruits that are summer specific. Not to mention their health benefits that you must try to eat them. Which fruits

Is there Phenoxyethanol in Your Baby Products?

Follow theyellowdaal As a mom my first instinct is to protect my kid. Be if physically or emotionally. When I first became a mom I was super conscious of almost everything that I fed my baby and also what I applied on his skin. I remember when my little one was around 6 months old

hpmemade whole wheat pizza dough

100% Whole Wheat Pizza Dough From Scratch

Follow theyellowdaal Pizza’s are everyone’s favorite. But eating pizza makes you feel guilty because of the refined flour pizza dough base and the cheese. There is not much you can do about the cheese as that’s what makes the pizza pizza but you can try to change up the pizza dough flour to suit your

beetee's dark chocolate

11 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate Everyday

Follow theyellowdaal Do you like to nibble on a piece of chocolate after your meals or just as a sweet treat here and there? Fret not!! Eating chocolate can be healthy too. Don’t believe me; read along. Chocolate is made from Tropical Theobroma cacao tree seed. If you were to look at this seed of

12 Things To Expect After Giving Birth,The first 6 weeks

Follow theyellowdaal A lot of things are happening to your body during child birth. But it does not stop there. After child birth a women is still experiencing major changes. It can be physical, emotional or both. Your body had to work hard to keep the baby safe and healthy inside and now that the

Vegetable Stir fry For Weightloss, Vegan, GF

Follow theyellowdaal Remember to eat your veg; we all hear time to time. How about make a vegetable stir fry that’s healthy, delicious and easy to make. These 5 veg stir fry will blow your meal time. I love to pair up with my zero oil tomato and pumpkin soup and some toasted garlic bread.


Classic Banana Cake Recipe

Follow theyellowdaal Classic banana cake recipe is a tasty tea time cake recipe. This banana cake recipe is- ✔️ Baby friendly ✔️ kids tiffin snack ✔️ easy whole wheat tea time cake The banana cake last 2-3 days on counter and about a week in fridge. I have used whole wheat in this recipe as

5 early signs of labour

Follow theyellowdaal The early signs of labour can be something that can be easily missed as the symptoms are quite common to be ignored. But if you know what you are looking for then you can easily pick up the signs of early labour. The start of the labour is the latent phase when your

Digital PR World: Budget Brand Launch Agency in India with 15+ Digital Services

Follow theyellowdaal Want to make your brand stronger on a digital platform? Then you finally land at the right place where you grow and attain your business objectives. There’s no surefire formula for instant success. Just an organized and innovative marketing approach brings you the best result in an effective method. Across the world businesses

Chocolate Covered Strawberries For Valentines Day

Follow theyellowdaal Its that that time of the year when love is in the air. And these chocolate covered strawberries are just what you need. If you’ve never tried them before then you are in for a treat. The tangy strawberry and sweet chocolate compliment each other so much. I just can’t imagine I have

Newly Launched PUER HOMECARE Is Quickly Claiming A Spot In My Home

Follow theyellowdaal Have you ever wondered about all the harmful chemicals present in most home cleaning products available in market? In the recent years there has been a clear shift in terms of consumers opting for natural, non-toxic cleaning products for their own safety, and to also help the environment. Having two babies, one of

How To Get Rid Of Tan Naturally

Follow theyellowdaal Avoiding going out in sun? Worried about getting a tan? Not any more. Get rid of tan naturally with this easy solution out of kitchen. Sun tanning is when the ultra violet rays from the sun darken skin when exposed to sun. Some people are more prone to tanning than others which depends

Ugly Post delivery stuff that no one talks about

Follow theyellowdaal Thinking about child birth and how would I feel when my baby will reach my arms was all I can imagine before delivery. Honest truth, I had no idea what to expect after I had delivered and what happens to the body or the mind. I wish someone could have atleast warned me!

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Feeding Solid Food To Babies!

Follow theyellowdaal Today I am a proud mom who can say my baby eats everything. But its been a journey. Starting solid foods can be daunting task. Especially if you are a first time mom. Babies as early as 4 months old start eating solids and babies who are over 7 months can sometimes reject


Follow theyellowdaal I am in a meeting…Don’t make noise…I can’t play with you… These have been few of the common phrases said to kids ever since the pandemic started. During the prolonged confinement when kids were away from their friends, seldom were times when our little ones got a chance to express themselves in an

Top 5 baby wipes brands in India, Real Mom’s Review

Follow theyellowdaal When it comes to our babies us moms leaves no stones unturned to give the best to them. During my first pregnancy, I was so young and naive. I had no idea about the baby products I need or the baby brands to trust or even the basics of shopping for a baby.

Childrens Day Activities, KidZania

Follow theyellowdaal Children’s Day Weekend @ KidZania: Enjoy the warmth and innocence of your children’s smiles as they engage in fun-filled interactive activities Global entertainment and learning brand, KidZania, brings an extraordinary ‘Children’s Day Weekend’ at its Mumbai and Delhi NCR centres for this year’s Children Day. When: Sat, 13th Nov & Sun, 14th Nov

Paneer Tikka masala

Easy Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe, That Tastes Like Restaurant

Follow theyellowdaal This recipe is my go to to make paneer tikka masala. And best part is that it tastes just like restaurant style paneer tikka masala or maybe even better. Paneer Tikka Masala is also one of the most ordered vegetarian main course meal in restaurants. Gravy with crispy paneer tikka is delicious and

My Skin Care Secrets Because Of Which I Am In Love With Myself

Follow theyellowdaal Loving my body has been one of the greatest and fruitful discoveries of my life. We all have that phase where we may not love our body – literally. Acne, more weight, body shape, big boobs, thin hair, weird feet just about anything could be the reason why you would dislike yourself and

Top 5 Free Video Editing App For Instagram, No Watermarks

Follow theyellowdaal If you are a blogger, vlogger, influencer chances are you needed to edit a video once in a while. With instagram changing its format from photo sharing platform to a video sharing platform, video editing is quickly becoming a skill you need to know to create engaging content. All the video editing app

Homemade Kalakand Recipe From Scratch In Just 30 mins

Follow theyellowdaal Make homemade Kalakand in just 30 mins once you have your chena made. Simple, easy Indian dessert to make for diwali, holi, raksha bandhan. Indian festivals call for this special milk based mithai. Kalakand is made with chena that is the curdled milk solid. Once the chena is made a few basic ingredients

Green Smoothie, Spinach Green Weighloss Smoothie

Follow theyellowdaal Smoothies are a great way to add greens in your diet. This green smoothie is a fast forward way to reach your weigh loss goals. I love this smoothie recipe for my breakfast. Its delicious, filling and full of nutrients. **Since spinach is rich in Iron you will need to consume this smoothie

Zero Oil Tomato & Pumpkin Soup For Weighloss, Vegan & Gluten Free

Follow theyellowdaal Haven’t you heard a gazillion times how you need to have more soup and veg if you are to loose weight. I am a fan of soups and make them often for dinner time. Yes admittedly I am also wanting to loose a few inches and weigh less than what I currently weigh.

My Top 5 Places to buy rakhi online

Follow theyellowdaal Its that time of the year when the love of brother and sister is celebrated. Rakshabandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. On this day a brother swears to protect their sister from anything and everything. Its the time to buy rakhi and what best to

Ways You Can Celebrate This Rakshabandhan Unconventionally!

Follow theyellowdaal Rakshabandhan is perhaps the most anticipated celebrations in India. The festival that celebrates the bond between siblings has been long associated with brothers protecting their sisters. While growing up, we all believed that our brothers were supposed to don the role of a saviour for his sister. However, over the years, we have

What Does Labor Pain Actually Feels Like Tells Mom Of 2

Follow theyellowdaal The most dreadful question I had when I was pregnant was what does labor pain actually feel like. Turns out I never got a real answer. Yes I read tons of articles which gave me an idea about what labour pain feels like but I feel like it didn’t do justice to the

Must Know Postpartum Recovery Facts For New Moms

Follow theyellowdaal As beautiful is the phase of pregnancy, postpartum can be hard(for most anyway). And not only first time moms but second time moms too. We prepare so much for our baby that’s to come but do we prepare ourself enough? I feel its all good if you are more informed and more prepared

How To Make Ginger Garlic Paste That Does Not Spoil

Follow theyellowdaal If you love cooking Indian food chances are you’ve used ginger garlic paste at some point in your cooking. Lots of recipes call for ginger garlic paste and frankly I do agree that a freshly made paste gives the best flavor. But lets face it; its a hassle specially if you need ginger

Nickelodeon’s New Show ‘The Casagrandes’ Review

Follow theyellowdaal In the age of digitization kids are relying more and more on online ways to entertain themselves at home. Gone are the days when there were limited shows to choose from each age category! If you have a kid around 3+ chances are you’ve heard of the popular channel Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is the

Eggless Jaggery Cake, Whole Wheat Zero Sugar Kid/Baby Friendly Cake

Follow theyellowdaal Could you believe that this cake is made without sugar. To replace sugar I used Jaggery powder. Kid friendly cake, baby friendly cake, even adults love it. Eggless jaggery cake feels like having a bit of healthy cake as I have used whole wheat flour for the cake, no butter is used, no

Cucumber Mint Cooler, Easy & Refreshing Summer Drink

Follow theyellowdaal The cucumber mint cooler is a refreshing summer drinks. Its easy, its delicious. Try it. Cucumbers are the best to keep the heat in summers at bay. This easy way to drink your cucumbers is super yum. Plus the mint gives the required color and hat busting too. Use sugar as per your

My True Missed Miscarriage Story, What not to do if you miscarry?

Follow theyellowdaal Not long ago I suffered a miscarriage. Since it was my second pregnancy I got to know early this time around that I was pregnant because I could almost sense it but I had to wait for a time frame to check even with the home pregnancy kit. Anyways the test was positive

Tasty Wholewheat Orange Cake, easy fresh fruit cake

Follow theyellowdaal If you like oranges then no doubt you will love this orange cake For this cake use imported oranges or kinno. More cake recipes that are must try- Tasty banana cake Eggless vanilla tutti vritti cake Moist eggless chocolate cake Eggless sooki cake Directions to make orange cake- Ingredients- 1 cup whole-wheat flour

Tari wala chicken

Tari Wala Chicken, Punjabi Gravy Chicken

Follow theyellowdaal Tari wala chicken is the easiest chicken recipe that you can try from Indian cuisine. Its an easy start however to perfect it you may need some tips that will help you make this simple humble curry to an extra ordinary curry. You will often see that the pictures associated with tari wala

KFC Style Fried Chicken At Home

Follow theyellowdaal There is something about KFC fried chicken that I am drooling just at the mention of it. I fondly remember going to KFC in college and enjoying the chicken. Even then I wondered how they would make the KFC chicken so tender, moist and delicious. Its only now that I realized how easy

Authentic Butter Chicken That Tastes Like Restaurant

Follow theyellowdaal Butter chicken is no doubt the most famous curry around the world. And it even sort of represents Indian food. When it comes to butter chicken you will find hundreds of recipes claiming to be the authentic butter chicken. Some have even gone far to make it healthier. But the real and authentic

Tasty Banana Cake Recipe(with eggless option)

Follow theyellowdaal I feel like banana cake is the king of cakes. And its actually one of the most tastiest and yet the easiest cake that you can try. The recipe is literally mix dry with wet ingredients type. And you dont need any fancy ingredients or process to learn. The single most important thing

Peanut Coconut Chutney for dosa & idli

Follow theyellowdaal Peanut coconut chutney is a very versatile one in all chutney. Apart from dosa idli you can serve this chutney with uttapam and it tastes so yum. South Indian cuisine has so many amazing chutneys to accompany food that without them the food is incomplete. The famous coconut chutney is a must try.

How To Make Red Tomato Chutney For Dosa & Idli

Follow theyellowdaal That little bowl of fiery hot and deep red color chutney served with dosa & idli is my favorite. To get the red tomato chutney for dosa and idli just right you need the basic ingredients in place. Now like any other chutney the method or some ingredients could be added or changed

How To Make Authentic Palak Paneer

Follow theyellowdaal If we talk about punjabi cuisine Palak paneer is the one dish that represents it. Although many yummy dishes like rajma chawal, kadhi chawal, chole chawal, baingan ka bharta, vadiyan tha pulav, sarso ka saag are also famous. I think palak paneer has even made its name around the world too. And its

Authentic Kashmiri Mutton Rogan Josh Recipe

Follow theyellowdaal Authentic Kashmiri Mutton Rogan Josh recipe has to be one of my favorites. This recipe is as traditional as it gets. Rogan Josh is an aromatic curry from the land of Kashmir in India. But originally the recipe came from persia. And was brought to India by the Mughals. Its quite popular dish

How to latch properly during breastfeeding

Follow theyellowdaal A good latch is everything in breastfeeding. Any experienced mom, daula or a nurse will tell you this; breastfeeding is easier when babies latch properly. But as expected each baby is different. Some are able to latch on properly and even so well that breastfeeding may seem too easy. Read- Breastfeeding basics for

How To Become A Morning Person & Wake Up Early

Follow theyellowdaal Does waking up early in the morning feels like a task? Do you sleep every night with the thought of waking early but never do? Do you snooze your alarm everytime it rings? Its not uncommon for you to feel these things or do these things! A lot of us would like to

8 Effective Ways How To Stop Sibling Rivalry

Follow theyellowdaal Having a sibling is a blessing in today’s nuclear family environment. As a parent when we decided to have another baby we think of rainbows and fairytales. But that may not be always true. As siblings they are going to fight, get jealous and argue for mostly everything. Is sibling rivalry normal? Don’t

Eggless Vanilla Tutti Frutti Cake Recipe

Follow theyellowdaal Eggless tea cakes are my favorite. No cream, no fancy shenanigans just plain simple tea cake. Eggless Vanilla Tutti Frutti cake is one such family favorite that never fails to impress. Even if you are not a fan of tea cake still you must try this cake. Its easy and tastes amazing; best

How To Make Chicken Sukka, Easy Recipe

Follow theyellowdaal Chicken sukka or kori sukka is a popular mangalorean style chicken recipe. It literally means chicken in a dry gravy. The recipe uses fresh coconut and simple Indian whole spices. So fresh and fragrant recipe but I have broken down this recipe in a simple way. If you want the original recipe with

Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread

Follow theyellowdaal Its holiday time, pull up your sleeves and get baking. Its the best time to cook the christmas tree pull apart bread. Its cheesy and so so tasty. The christmas tree pattern makes this a perfect holiday bake. Plus this is a pull apart bread so easy to make and serve at christmas

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie

Follow theyellowdaal These cookies have my heart. I have been looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe for sometime and I think I got this one right. So what’s so special about these cookies? Umm they are perfectly chewy in the middle with a perfect crust. Richness from the butter it makes the best

Eggless Whole Wheat Christmas Fruit Cake, No Alcohol, Vegan

Follow theyellowdaal Would you believe if I say this eggless fruit cake is healthy but still tasty. This christmas fruit cake is eggless, wholewheat, no butter, no sugar and no alcohol. Plus its a vegan christmas cake, even better. Will mention variations, substitutes and different method for without oven instructions in recipe card. Eggless Buttermilk

Homemade Pita Bread From Scrach

Follow theyellowdaal If you ever had a shawrma or a falafel and ever wondered what’s the white bread called. Its the perfect fluffy but soft pita bread. My homemade pita bread is a must try once. What is a pita bread? Pita bread is a middle eastern flat bread just like an Indian roti/flat bread.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Vegan & Gluten Free

Follow theyellowdaal The roasted pumpkin soup is a vegan and gluten free soup. Sweet from the pumpkin and super duper delicious on a cold winter-y night. This soup is so easy to make and just comes together in 30 mins. I like to chop the pumpkin small so that its easier and faster to roast

How To Make Restaurant Style Paneer Tikka At Home

Follow theyellowdaal If you are a tikka fan then you have try my restaurant style paneer tikka recipe. Its super simple to make at home. Hardly takes 20 mins after an hour of marination. Juicy, succulent and crispy charred paneer tikka will melt in your mouth craving for more. Things to know before we start

Curry Leaves Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Follow theyellowdaal When it comes to hair care we often choose chemical laden hair products some of which may be good and free of toxins. But we often overlook in our kitchen. Using natural ways to condition and nourish hair is the best way to sustainably care for hair without harming them. Must read- 3

15 Indian Sweet recipes for diwali 2020

Follow theyellowdaal Diwali is here and the dessert is every where. Indian sweet recipes that are a must try this diwali 2020. Diwali is incomplete without the mention of sweets and ladoos. And there is something special about homemade mithai. Be it the besan ke ladoo or mohanthal or gulab jamun. These recipes remind us

15+ Indian Vegetarian Curry Recipes, Diwali Cooking

Follow theyellowdaal Diwali is always a special time of the year, ask any Indian. The festival of light, feeling of goodness, friends and family coming together to celebrate. It basically sets the tone for the next few weeks until new year! And one more important factor is the food. Every home has food that’s specific