Bread Pizza

Easy peasy breakfast, snack or appetizer recipe. When craving for pizza make instant bread pizza.

I have used my homemade pasta sauce for the base although any ready to use sauce works just fine.

How To Make Arrabiata Pizza Pasta Sauce From Scratch

For veggies I love the combo of baby corn, onions, bell pepper and red whole chilli’s. The chilli gives a mild hit and us just enough so that your pizza experience is enhanced. (Leave if making for kids?)You can use cheese as your preference but I like to use less for obvious reasons.

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There are plenty of variations to make instant bread pizza-

• Bread can be cut in round or triangle shape using a cookie cutter to make it  attractive for children.
• Use green coriander chutney instead of pasta sauce.
• Finely chop the veggies and mix with cheese and use as topping.
• Or just skip the veggies and simply use sauce and top with cheese.

These all variations will turn out to be finger licking good?.

Directions to make Bread Pizza-


6 bread slices

1 cup mixed veggies for topping

1/2 cup cheese

Olive oil

1/2 cup pizza/pasta sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

Pizza seasoning


Preheat the oven to 200°C for 10 mins.

Arrange the bread slices on the tray.

Spread the pizza sauce and then cheese.

Next is veggies. Place them evenly and top with some cheese again on top.

Bake for 10-12 mins according to your liking.

Serve hot.


If you don’t have an oven toast on a non stick tawa on low heat covered with a lid.


I like to mix all the veggies with olive oil, salt & pepper.

Cant make it now. Pin it here for later??

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