Carrot Beetroot Cucumber Detox Drink

Carrot Beetroot Cucumber Detox Drink is an extended version of the very famous ABC aka apple, beetroot & carrot drink.

My initial thought was to make ABC but ended up making CBC(pun intended). So the first ‘A’ was replaced by ‘C’ which would be cucumber. I was kind of surprised to the level of freshness it gave the whole drink. Yummy and so healthy.


So basically it has cucumber, beetroot and carrot and some more. It’s a perfect boost of energy without adding calories into it. And also the perfect detox drink to give your body a new surge of energy.

Directions to make Carrot Beetroot Cucumber Detox Drink-


1 medium size beetroot peeled and roughly chopped
1 large cucumber skin on and roughly chopped
2 medium carrots peeled and roughly chopped
1 large tomato roughly chopped(optional)
Black Salt to taste(optional)


Blend everything together.

Seive the liquid with a wide hole mesh strainer.

*dont discard the flesh. Instead used it in pav bhaji, it tastes superb.

Pour in the glasses and serve.

**its best to make it fresh and enjoy.




Make sure to pick the best quality veg as this drink gets it’s taste from the sweetness of the veg and nothing additional.

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