Ways You Can Celebrate This Rakshabandhan Unconventionally!

Rakshabandhan is perhaps the most anticipated celebrations in India. The festival that celebrates the bond between siblings has been long associated with brothers protecting their sisters. While growing up, we all believed that our brothers were supposed to don the role of a saviour for his sister.

However, over the years, we have seen this stereotype breaking through fresh and new narratives. After all, it is only about tying a rakhi on someone who gives protection. Be it your sister, teacher, watchman, or even your colleague.

And ever since the pandemic began, there is one group who has been selflessly working and been the real protectors – our medical personnel!

I recently noticed a brand post of Nickelodeon celebrating Surakshabandhan wherein Rudra & other toons were encouraging kids to pay tribute to the medical personnel. That’s when it got me thinking!

Why restrict this beautiful festival to only celebrating with brothers? Let’s redefine this norm and extend it to all the real protectors!

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Here’s a list of people you should thank them for their work and pray for their safety.

  1. Medical staff for their selfless services-  

Frontline warriors have made a huge difference by selflessly working in these testing times! They have kept us, and our loved ones stay protected from this novel virus! This year let’s celebrate Surakshabandhan by saying thanks to them, cheering them and making them feel uncommon. Really, why not visit them and tie rakhis or ‘bands of protection’ as a token of thank you?

In case that’s difficult, you can simply upload your DIY Rakhi, tag @nickindiaofficial and send a special message to them!

2. Vendors and sweepers for working despite the world coming to a halt-

While we all were confined within our homes, sweepers were battling the infection by keeping the hygiene in check. Vendors went beyond to ensure that the basic essentials were met. How about cheering them when they come to provide something at your entryway or purchase a few desserts and bless them to the sweepers and celebrate Surakshabandhan?


3. Teachers for holding our hands throughout-

As much as it was new for kids meet their friends virtually, it was equally difficult for teachers to adapt to the new normal and ensure that learning doesn’t stop! They have literally gone out of their way. While we do have a day to celebrate them every year, this year lets tie the band of protection to them, thanking them for protecting our growth by not letting it stop because of the pandemic, for understanding that we need special attention in these tough times.

Though this list will be never-ending, let’s celebrate this Rakshabandhan in the most unconventional way. Your sweet gesture can brighten up someone’s festival!


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