How To Make Chai Masala For A Tasty Masala Tea

There is something about chai masala that smells so divine.

Just a teaspoon of chai masala brings life to the same old tea. Its oddly enjoyed more during the winters. Sipping masala tea in chilly cold winter morning. Snuggling under blankets in evenings with tea is my best part. It just brings such warmth. Hmmm..kinda craving for one right now.

But Masala tea can be enjoyed in any weather. Try in monsoon with some hot pakoras. Yum.


I always wondered does it make a difference if I made tea from a certain brand to another. I mean of course tea tasted different but when I made this masala and started adding it to tea, it made no difference what brand tea I was using. Tea tasted delicious irrespective of time or weather.

I prefer masala tea to be sweeter. Leave in comments your thoughts if you do so; we belong to the same club.

Interestingly if I add these ingredients blow separately every time I make tea , I am more likely to use more of it individually so making this masala is also cost effective and give yummy results every single time.

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Directions to make Chai Masala-


5 gm green cardomom(whole)/ elichi , about 2 tbsp

20 gm fennel seeds/sauf , about 4 tbsp

5-6 whole black peppercorns/Kali mirch (use less if you like)

2″ Cinnamon/dalchini (optional)

2-3 cloves/laung

1/2 tsp dried ginger powder/sund( optional)


Blend everything together into a fine powder.

For 4 cups of tea you will need 1/4 tsp of more of masala.

You can adjust the quantities as per your taste. Making this masala is so much of a personal affair. You add certain spice as you like it and other as you dont. their is no right or wrong in it. Make it your own.

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