Chicken Biryani With Step By Step Pics

I have come back with yet another post. This time it’s a one pot meal. Super tasty Chicken biryani.

A little bit of extra work you have to put in but trust me when the aroma fills your house it will be worth it.

Chicken biryani

When you go through the recipe you will see that it’s fairly easy to make. I haven’t used loads of spices or any special ingredients. It’s anything and everything that you already have in our pantry.

Even if you have any pre cooked chicken or some leftovers you can use this recipe as a base to make instant Biryani.

Directions to make Chicken Biryani-

Serves 6 people


900gms of chicken
9-10 large onions roughly equals 1kg
Ginger garlic paste 3tsp
700gms tomatos pureed
3cups basmati rice
3tbsp Biryani masala(my fav brand links at the end of the post)
Salt as per taste
Turmeric as per taste
Red chilli powder as per taste
2 tsp Coriander powder
2-3green chillies
1tbsp cumin/jeera
2-3 green cardamom
3 clove/laung


Take a large heavy bottom pan. I have used a pressure cooker.

Heat oil and add cumin, clove & cardamom . Let it splutter . Then add onions and 1tsp salt.  Let the onions brown. Also add ginger garlic paste and green chillies.

Chicken biryani step 1
Chicken biryani step 2
Chicken biryani step 3

Now add chicken and cook for about 5min.

Chicken biryani step 4

Add salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander powder, Biryani masala.

Chicken biryani step 5

Mix well. Add tomatos.

Chicken biryani step 6

Now the chicken will cook with this. I have added 1 cup water and let it whistled for 5 min. If you choose you can let it cool in simmer until chicken is almost done. Also in a large pot par boil the rice with some salt and oil.

Chicken biryani step 7

Now drain the gravy of the chicken and keep aside. That we will use to flavor rice.

Chicken biryani step 8

Now reduce the rest of the chicken as much possible.

Chicken biryani step 9

Take it out and empty the pan. Now start layering the Biryani.

Layer 1/3 of chicken in the pan. Spread rice over it. Now repeat the process another two times. Will show you pictorially

Chicken biryani step 10
Chicken biryani step 11
Chicken biryani step 12
Chicken biryani step 13
Chicken biryani step 14

Now pour the chicken gravy on top and taking a spatula poke some holes so that it can penetrate completely.

Or you can save the gravy and serve with biryani. Either way works fine.

Chicken biryani step 15
Chicken biryani step 15

I have cooked this without whistle for 10 min.

Let it rest for atleast 15 min. before opening. It’s very important as the flavours inside will mingle in this resting period.

Chicken biryani


Chicken biryani

My fav biryani masalas

Must read my fav no Prep Chicken Dum Biryani recipe. It’s so easy but so big in flavors.

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