Cinnamon & Honey Weightloss Drink

Cinnamon & honey weight loss drink is an easy way to start loosing weight.

Cinnamon and honey both have properties associated with weight loss.

However beware of cinnamon substitute cassia which is available instead is cinnamon. Also avoid using cinnamon powder. Usually it’s difficult to get unadulterated powder in market.

The cinnamon sticks used to make the drink can be reused up to 3 times.

Also I have used raw honey which taste different from regular honey available in stores. You can use any that you want or is available with you.

Don’t forget to read how to drink your way to weight loss. It’s important to know how to drink so that it can be optimally used. 

Checkout the video to know how to make this drink??

What you will need-

2 cups water

2 inch cinnamon

Boil both water and cinnamon till water is half.

Directions to consume cinnamon & honey weight loss drink-

  • Let the drink cool down completely.
  • Mix honey only when the drink is cooled.
  • Drink half cup after dinner.
  • Rest half first thing in morning.
  • Wait for 30 mins before eating breakfast.



Please note that this drink starts showing effect after 7-8 weeks of consumption.

Also general diet control should be followed. It’s not a magical drink so try to avoid fried food, eat 4-6 small meals in a day, avoid processed or packed foods, sugar, maida etc.

30 mins of moderated physical activity is always considered good?

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