Common Breastfeeding Questions and how to cope with it

Is breastfeeding really that hard? Sharing my experience and some things I wish I knew before!!
⏺Breastfeeding is a journey, for some it can be a cakewalk and for some it can be very hard.
⏺I know women who have abundance of milk supply, no latching issues nothing.

But some of us have it the hard way. I was one of them. Now since I am pregnant again I feel more prepared and equiped to deal with it if the same happens again(which I seriously hope not). But I wish someone would have told me a few things before my first time Breastfeeding.

**update my baby is 1 year old and I successfully breastfed my baby 🙂
So here a list for you, if you are a first time mom or someone who’s struggling with breastfeeding.
1- It’s ok if your milk does not come in straight away, it takes 2-3 days for milk/colostrum to come in so that you can feed your baby.
2- Please don’t feel guilty if you are not able to feed your baby right away.
3- Sometimes latching can be a issue, get help for a nurse or a midwife or someone elder in the family.
4- Keep feeding times private and use this time to bond with your baby.
5- Even if your milk has not come in yet or it’s not enough still feed your baby. The more they suckle the more milk your brain tells your body to produce. It’s a direct demand and supply logic.
6- Many women combine breastfeed and formula feed in times of need and it’s ok till your baby is doing fine.
7- Try to stay happy and stress free. Believe it or not but it does effect your milk supply. Try to talk to your husband and family if something or someone is bothering you.
8- Don’t compare your self with other moms or your own elders who have had it easy, it’s perfectly ok if you have some trouble. Just try to deal with it in a positive way.
9- It’s ok to ask for help but do what feels right to you. Sleep enough, get rest. Your husband, family, phone and even house hold chores can come second. 
10- Make breast pump your best friend. It’s a way to feed your baby even if it may be indirectly.

Having a positive environment and seeking support will be your saviour. Have a happy breastfeeding time. For me it took me around 3-4 months to establish a breastfeeding routine with my kiddo following all these tips. Nonetheless I had a very supporting family and husband! 🙂

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