Coriander Chutney (And my 5 variations of it)

This is the basic Coriander chutney of all.

We all have had it; we all have made it;& we all have our own versions of it. So today I will be sharing my version of coriander chutney. I like my green chutney hot and spicy, so please adjust chillies as per your taste and tolerance.


It’s so versatile and you can serve it with almost anything. Use it as a healthy dip or as a sauce or spread on your sandwich. Ditch the Mayo for a super healthy coriander chutney.

Some recipe that you may like to serve with coriander chutney-

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Besan Aur Beetroot Ka Chila / Gram Flour & Beetroot Gluten free Pancake

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Directions to make coriander chutney-


Two handfulls washed coriander

2 garlic pods(add more if you like)

1 large onion

4-5 green chillies

2inch peice of kairi / raw mango(*use tomatoes if you don’t have raw mango)

** Add more raw mango if you like it really tangy

Juice of half a lemon(optional)

Salt to taste


Roughly chop onions, garlic, chillies and raw mango and blend in a small chutney jar.

Now add coriander and blend until you get a smooth puree.

You may need to add little water for this but start by adding 2 tbsp and add further if required.

Add lemon juice and salt. Its ready.

This chutney serves best with all Indian snack, deep fried food, tandoori, tikka. Just yum!!

{ Checkout few tips for making chutney at the end of post }

My variations on coriander chutney-

1. Fold in some hung curd and it turns into an amazing restaurant like chutney that’s served with tikkas. You can even use this as your sandwich spread. Don’t blend in the mixer grinder otherwise the chutney will become loose and watery.

This will stay good in refrigeration for 2 days.

2. Add one tomato instead of lemon and you get a different kind of sourness. Opt of the desi tomato , it gives the best results.

Add this chutney to raw onion rings and some chat masala; you get an amazing salad.

3. To the above recipe add big handful of sev/gathiya/hot mix/chunky namkeen and some sugar and you get an amazing sweet and spicy thick green chutney.

It serves best with dhoklas.

4. You can also not put garlic and onion. Just add tomato with other ingredients.

I make this version for my no ginger, garlic and onion friends. And they love it. Best served as a spread!

5. Add peices of stale bread in this chutney while grinding. It will absorb all the moisture and give you a thick paste. Now add this to any flavoured or non flavoured mayo/greek yogurt of your choice for a desi twist.

This work best for burger spreads, even for base of bread pizza or naan pizza.

So these are my top five coriander chutney variation.

My tips on storage and usage-

• You can deep freeze the chutney for months in useable portions without adding salt and lemon. This saves time plus you have chutney available at all times.

• All these variations should be prepared and consumed within 2-3days.

• Adding half mint and half coriander also works on all above combinations.

If you want to preserve coriander or your greens in general for long time checkout this video⬇️⬇️


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  1. Seriously Coriander chutney is so versatile that adding some or other ingredient makes it taste so different altogether.

  2. Generally, we Gujju add sugar or jaggery as well, I also make either with onion or garlic but never together. Liked your version too, so next time will use your recipe 🙂

  3. Loved the recipe Avin especially your variations. So much can be done with the humble coriander chutney, right? Addition of raw mangoes during summers is the best way to enjoy the khatta taste of the chutney esp with chaats or dahi wada. Oh my mouth waters as I describe this.

  4. That is such a vibrant and delicious looking green chutney. Love the addition of green mango — will give this version a try some time soon.

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