Curlvana Gentle Shine Conditioner Review: Does it Work?

Like fingerprints, curly hair is never the same. Different people have different kinds of curls, however, there is one thing that is common between all curl patterns and that is frizz. If you’re a curly beauty, you’d relate to how much of a problem frizz is.

It is the reason why women with curls, despise their hair and relegate to straightening or blow-drying. But what if I told you that I’ve found something that has tamed my frizz by about 80%? Yes, you read that right!

Today I am going to review one of the best conditioners for curly hair in India: Curlvana’s gentle shine Conditioner.

Intrigued? Read ahead!

An introduction to the brand

Curlvana is India’s very first glycerine-free brand that is specially formulated for wavy, curly, and coiled hair. They are a CG-Approved Indian brand, that is cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable. So why
is glycerine being villainized here? Well, it is a humectant that attracts moisture from the environment. While this ingredient is great for the skin, it’s quite the opposite for curly hair. When coated with glycerine, strands that are already dry start absorbing water molecules from the environment, leading the hair shaft to swell causing some major frizz. Therefore, obliterating glycerine and other humectants
from hair care products can help in keeping the curl pattern intact on day 2 and day 3 after wash; Curlvana has done just that!

Curlvana Gentle Shine Conditioner: Brand Claims

The brand claims this conditioner is lightweight yet ultra-hydrating, so it won’t weigh down the curls but replenish the moisture back to the mane. It defines the curls and improves the curl pattern, making the locks bouncy and soft. So, are the claims true?

I was looking for a conditioner for curly hair and came across this bright green tube on an e-commerce site and decided to purchase it. I think conditioners are an integral part of the Curly Girl Method because it restores moisture to dry, lackluster hair. Since there are no artificial fragrances added to this line, there
is no particular scent in this product. The texture is smooth and the conditioner glides on the hair like butter. I like to comb through my tresses while the conditioner is still on, as it helps in detangling my curls. The conditioner has excellent slip and my comb doesn’t get stuck in my hair strands.

My curls are low porosity, so I was skeptical if this product would weigh down my hair, but it didn’t. In fact, my curls felt hydrated, smooth, and bouncy after air-drying. My mom who has wavy hair used it too, and she quite liked it. Her waves had a better pattern after a couple of uses, which means that this product is ideal for wavy and coiled hair as well.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, then I’d suggest you look into the Curlvana range. It seems like a cool brand, that has put in a lot of R&D to resolve curly hair problems. I am very happy with the conditioner and am certainly going to repurchase the other products from the
line. I think using them in conjunction will keep my curls happy and healthy. Since they have a whole line-up of CG-friendly products in India, it makes it easy to narrow down the choices and pick up everything from one brand.

The opinions, ideas, views expressed in this article is solely my experience based in hope to help my readers. Kindly exercise caution and self judgment.

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