Mysore Pak | How To Make Mysore Pak | Easy Indian Dessert Recipe

This is my first try at making mysore pak and it was a hit.

The little cracks you see means I have more to learn. But this recipe is easy and is perfect if you are a beginner and yet you would like to try these recipes.

I have to admit I am more of a baker person who would like to bake over making Indian sweets. But recently I am venturing and hoping I can make more Indian sweet recipes. Hope you like this one and give it a try at least once.

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Directions to make Mysore Pak-

Ingredients :

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup water

1 cup ghee

1 cup oil

1 cup besan/gram flour/ chickpea flour


Oil any vessel you want to set myself pak in generously with ghee.

In a kadai heat ghee and oil together and simmer.

In another pan add sugar and water, boil till you get a one string consistency.

Meanwhile sieve the besan.

Now start by adding 1-2 tbsp besan in the sugar syrup mix and whisk.

Keep adding flour and mixing. Make sure no lumps are formed and it should be smooth.

Now when all the besan is mixed add one laddle full of oil and ghee mix which was simmering.

The whole besan mix will bubble and then eventually go down. Remember to keep mixing.

This way keep adding oil+ghee one laddle at a time.

The besan will keep absorbing all the liquid.

In the end after 80% of oil has been used besan mix will not absorb no more oil and it will start to float on outside.

Now immediately transfer the mixture to prepared greased pan.

After about 5 mins cut out the peices and let it set.

After 30 mins it’s ready to be unmoulded.

Serve and enjoy!!

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