Grilled Egg And Mayo Sandwich, Easy 15 Min Breakfast

With our hectic lives we are all looking for easy yet delicious food options to cook. Egg mayo sandwich is one such recipe. This sandwich comes together in just 15 mins; a great breakfast or snack option. As kids these days are fussy eaters, its easy to feed them. Possibilities of what you can add is endless. Even sneak in some veggies and kids won’t know.


Even its a great idea for impromptu guest or snack on the go. They travel well and are easy to prepare in advance for picnics, kitty or get together.


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If you don’t like to add mayonnaise you can maybe go with fresh cream or some cheese too. But really mayonnaise is one good thing. Once a while we all can indulge in. Right?!


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Directions to make Egg & Mayo Sandwich-


Makes 3 sandwiches

1 eggs boiled and grated

1/4 cup capsicum finely chopped(optional)

3 tbsp chopped onion (optional)

2 tbsp mayonnaise

Salt & pepper as per taste

Extra virgin olive oil for basting or use butter


In a bowl mix mayonnaise, eggs, onion, capsicum, salt & pepper. Mix well.

Now heat a grill pan or your grilling machine if you have one. Otherwise a non stick tawa will also do.

Brush the olive oil on both sides of bread. Sandwich together around 1 tbsp filling, Grill on both side till charred.

Enjoy with ketchup.

Tip- Don’t over mix the egg mixture other wise it may breakdown with mayonnaise.

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