3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies, Flourless cookies

Yes you read it right!! Easy to make delicious peanut butter cookies with just 3 ingredients; prep time of 5 mins and bake time 10 mins. It doesn’t get easy then this.

I particularly made these for my son who loves cookies but all the maida in store bought I was not OK with. What can you do when your child loves cookies!!

Peanut butter cookies

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Peanut butter cookies

These cookies do look rustic as I did not give a lot of importance on the shape. But you can certainly do. I like peanut bits so I have used crunchy peanut butter but you can use whatever you have at hand. I did try to use the criss cross pattern which can be seen vaguely. But nevertheless no compromise on taste.

Directions to make 3 Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies-


1 cup Peanut butter
1 cup sugar sifted
1 egg


Beat all the ingredients together in a bowl till all combined together to make a dough.

**if the cookie dough is too wet or sticky add more sugar or you could add oats flour or wheat flour. Just 1-2 tbsp.

Wet your palm. Put 1 tbsp dough in your palm and make ball. Place it on the baking sheet lined tray. Make a cris cross pattern with fork.

**see video reference below.

Bake at 180°C for 10mins. While baking please take care as they as prone to burn very fast. All you need to do is lightly brown the bottom. They taste better when under done than over done.

Cool on a wire rack. They will crisp up as they cool.

Store in airtight cookies jar. Enjoy!!

1. Wet your palm(but not dripping wet) when forming the cookie.
2. The cookies will spread during baking so place them 2-3 inches apart.
3. You can also top them with chocolate chips.
4. They stay well for 15 days in airtight jars.

Recently I made a video which might be helpful for you.

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    1. I haven’t tried that. I suppose you could. Have to experiment with almond butter too. If you try do let me know how it turned out?

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