Fresh Basil Pesto | How To Make Basil Pesto At Home With Just 6 Ingredients

Basil pesto is an Italian classic. Like coriander chutney for us, it’s basil pesto for Italian.

Basil herb is not only know for its culinary uses but also for its herbal & medicinal benefits. It would be apt to say that this “king of herbs” has found its place at the core in many recipes. Best part it can adapt to any cuisine.

Italian, Chinese cuisines have many dishes that highlight it. Here I have described a very basic basil pesto recipe. You can also add more flavour to it. This one always have worked for me.

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Directions to make Basil Pesto-


3 cups fresh basil

1 cup roasted pine nuts

60 ml extra virgin olive oil

Salt & pepper as per taste

2-3 cloves of garlic

1 cup parmesan Cheese grated


Blitz all the ingredients except lemon and cheese in a food processor.

Now add cheese, blitz one more time. All the ingredients should be incorporated properly without any lumps.

Add lemon. Mix manually.

Adjust the seasoning as per taste.





You can use roasted groundnut, pumpkin seeds or even walnuts to replace pine nuts.

Instead of parmesan cheese normal processed cheese can be used. 

This recipe yields about 1&1/2 cup. Can be kept in fridge for 1 week.

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