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Recently I came across a very popular drink in Egypt/Isrel region made from lemon, spreamint and ice. Its kind of a granita. So all that ice didn’t work for me so I decided to make my own. Fresh Mint & Lemon Mojito is my take on limonana. Sure its no original but its fast, fresh & simple. You can make the syrup a day or two in advance and store if making for a party.


Its simple as the ingredients are the same. There  may be a few who will contest it as a yummy nimbu pani version or a nimbu masala soda. And yeah in a way it is. But it does certainly taste different from the lot.

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Please adjust the sugar as per your preference. This measure of ingredients make up to 4 tall glasses of drink. Serve well as a welcome drink, party drink or a slow dinner sipping away this citrus-y drink with a cooling mint effect.



10 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

20 tbsp granulated sugar

2 cups of mint leaves cleaned and washed

Black salt optional


In a chutney blender start by blending mint leaves. Once they are corsely crushed add in lemon juice and sugar.

Blend till you get a superfine syrup.

Now take your serving glass and dip the rim in mint chutney or coriander chutney. If you dont have any dip in lemon juice and then some salt.

Pour 4-5 tbsp of syrup. Add water or soda(your choice). Mix well and serve.


Quick Tip- Rub the lemon in your palms to extract more juice.


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