Fresh Strawberry & Mint Club Soda | Easy Party Drink

Strawberries are at there peak at this time. Enjoy this delicious fresh strawberry and mint club soda. Its a great option for party drink, welcome drink or a relaxed dinner date drink. I made this a few times in the past few weeks. So this was served on valentines day with delish Pasta in White Sauce(Click here for pasta recipes on the blog).

Fresh-Strawberry-Mint-Club Soda

I have used fresh strawberries as the taste cannot be matched by any amount of essence, flavoring or artificial crush. 

Fresh-Strawberry-Mint-Club Soda

Its sweet, tangy, citrusy and so TASTY!!! Bright red color is really attractive but its taste is equally good. The addition of mint gives it a yummy summery coolness. Mint is also good for digestion and aids weight loss.

This post was also my entry for my Fb group Shhh Secret Cooking Challenge where every month we are paired together and every member gets two secret ingredients. Once I complete my task I have to upload my entry and others have to guess the ingredients. For this month’s theme we had the colors of holi. And I was paired with Shobana Vijya who blogs at Shobasdelight Do checkout her blog for some figerlicking food?

Here are the entries of other participants. Please go through them for some interesting and yet colorful recipes.



Sugar does drive us with energy in summers but adding cautiously is recommended. If you wish you can also replace sugar with honey.


100 gm strawberry

Sugar as per taste ( I have used 10 tbsp of sugar)

* Can replace with 1/2 cup of pure honey

2 handful of fresh mint leaves

5 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

1/8 tsp black salt per glass

Soda as per glass size


Clean the strawberries and mint. Let it sit in a colander to drain excess water.

Now in a chutney jar put strawberry, mint and sugar(if using) and blend.

* You may need to do it twice as all the ingredients may not fit in chutney jar. I have used chutney jar as it helps to blend smoothly. If you choose to blend in a bigger jar all at once some chunks will be left and you may have to strain it. 

* How much sugar to add will depend on your taste and sweetness of strawberries.

Now take out in a bowl. Add lime juice &(honey if using). Mix well.

If you taste this it will be pungent and sugary. You can store this in fridge for use later up to 2 days.

Now take a tall glasses. Pour 3-4 tbsp of strawberry concussion. Add black salt and fill water till almost half way. Add soda in the rest.

If you wish to add soda only then take a bigger glass or jar as the soda will fizz and fall off. Then you can transfer to your serving glass.


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