Gajar Halwa, Indian Carrot Dessert

The chilli winters are here again. I am sure it’s norm to make gajar ka halwa in each household. And everybody have their own way of making it. Today I am sharing my version of how it was (and is) made at my home.

Gajar ka halwa is plain love. No fancy ingredients just some basic everyday pantry staple for this recipe.

Ps. I hate to use non stick for this recipe. Any steel vessel should work.

Please make this recipe and you may never need another one.

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Directions to make Gajar Ka Halwa-

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1kg red carrots shredded for halwa

3/4 cup Sugar, add more as per your taste later

250ml fresh whole milk

1/4 cup fresh malai/ fresh cream/heavy cream/double cream (optional but recommended)

2 cardamom seeds crushed(optional if you like the taste.

2 tbsp raising and 2 tbsp almonds and also 2 tbsp cashews (optional, add for crunch)


In a big kadai/wok add carrots and sugar & let it cook.


After 3-4 min sugar has melted and carrots are leaving their juices.


After about 5min the carrots are soft.

Now add milk.


Now cover and cook until all the milk has been cooked down. Keep stirring in between. This will take about 7-10 mins.


Now add malai & cardamom.


Now mix and cook until incorporated. Add the chopped dry fruits.


Keep mixing. Now the only task at hand is to let it cook until done.


It will come together like this. For a final charred taste I cook it for 5min on high flame till it starts sticking to the bottom.


Cant make it now. Pin it here for later.

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