How To Make Ginger Garlic Paste That Does Not Spoil

If you love cooking Indian food chances are you’ve used ginger garlic paste at some point in your cooking.

Lots of recipes call for ginger garlic paste and frankly I do agree that a freshly made paste gives the best flavor. But lets face it; its a hassle specially if you need ginger garlic paste on a daily basis.

I remember my mum making the paste fresh every single day but those were different days. Cooking was simpler.

Now days most of us live in a nuclear setup and pressed for time. Given the circumstances this homemade ginger garlic paste comes handy.

But buying ginger garlic paste is not the best solution as I find a peculiar smell in those paste. Infact making them in bulk in storing is quite easy.

Do read the full post as I share the storage and usage in the end!

Directions to make ginger garlic paste at home that does not spoil-


100gm peeled ginger

100gm peeled garlic

50gm green chilli(optional)


In a bowl add some water and soak the chillies for 30mins.

** adding chillies is optional

** soaking is optional but helps with grinding. You can also use hot water

Chop the ginger in long pieces.

In a blender add the ginger and garlic and chillies (without water).

Blend as much as you can while scraping the sides.

Now you can add the water you soaked the chillies in. But add little by little.

Start grinding until you get a smooth paste.

Transfer in a glass jar with metal lid.

How to store ginger garlic paste-

Store the paste in a glass jar with a metal lid.

Avoid plastic jar.

Try to keep the same jars for the ginger garlic paste each time you make it.

You can store this paste in freezer up to 3 months and in refrigeration up to 3 weeks.

Metal jars can get spoilt so change the lids if you can or replace jars.

How to use ginger garlic paste so that it does not get spoilt-

When using the paste take out as much you need and put the jar back at the same time.

Avoid keeping the jar on the counter for too long. The temperature difference can spoil your paste.

Use a new dry spoon each time to scoop the paste from the jar.

I like to use wide mouth jars for easy access.

Sometimes I double the recipe and keep use able portion of jars in freezer. So once my current batch is over I can take out a new jar and avoid getting the whole paste spoilt.

Here is a quick video if you are interested-

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