Grape Energy Booster Shots

Summers are in full swing, massive heat wave has hit in all parts of the globe. Its time to keep yourself hydrated and energized. These grape energy booster shots does just that.


These are delicious fruity shots that give you instant boost of energy. This post is a part of blogger collaboration of my Facebook Group Sshhh Secretly Cooking Challenge where two partners give each other 2 secret ingredients.

 This month theme was summer coolers. I have been paired with Amrita Iyer for this month. She blogs at

Do visit her blog for some drooling pics of some amazing dishes.

I had given her pineapple and mint for which she came up with summery Popsicles. You can fund her post here-

Pina Colada Popsicles

My secret ingredients are grapes and mint so here goes the recipe⤵



1 cup black grapes

2 cups green grapes

1 tsp honey(optional)

1 tsp ginger juice

3-4 tsp mint leaves

Black salt as per taste


In a blender add both grapes, mint leaves & 1 cup(150ml) water and blend.

*water is essentially to help with blending and for consistency of liquid.

Strain the liquid through a sieve.

Now add ginger juice, honey and black salt.

Mix and refrigerate until needed to serve.

Serve chilled in shot glasses.

This quantity of ingredients make 5 shot glasses.

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