Beetroot & Cheese Paratha | Healthy Indian Beetroot & Cheese Flatbread


If you like beetroot this recipe is going to be your favorite. If you don’t, well try it! It’s the best way you can sneak in beetroot in your diet in a delicious way. And you can thank me Later?? This beetroot & cheese paratha/ flatbreat is healthy breakfast option for your kids. Also the adults will apreaciate your healthy twist to the regular paratha.Even great to put in your kids lunch box too.


 It was red day for my son(who is in pre school) so we had to make them wear red clothes and send red dish in their #dabba so that they identify red. So that is how did I ended up with these gorgeously delicious red parathas. But the cheese really gave this paratha a delicious twist. I am sure some of you may have kneaded the dough with beetroot but have you tried with beetroot & cheese.


I have served this paratha with sliced onions, green coriander chutney and mango chunda(sweet mango pickle).


They all are yummy accompaniments to the paratha.


2 cup wholewheat flour

1 large or 2 small beetroot boiled and grated

1 cup processed cheese grated

Salt as per taste

Oil for kneading

Ghee for roasting paratha(optional)


*I have used my food processor for kneading. You can do this manually too.

Knead the beetroot, cheese, flour, salt & oil together in a soft dough.

Make small golf size balls and roll into paratha or chapati or flat bread or even puri as you like.

On a non stick tawa or skillet cook on both sides with some ghee. 

Serve with onions, green coriander chutney and chunda.


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  1. What a wonderful way to get kids to remember their colors.. am sure it must have been fun for your kid. As for the red paratha, very innovative to add cheese to the beetroot paratha making it more appealing.

    1. Thanks a lot. Yes my son loves this paratha. If not in the dough you can also stuff it with grated cheese. That works too😊

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