Herbed Egg Pancake | Easy Breakfast Idea

Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins. Instant energy, awesome taste and versatility make it amazing option for breakfast. Just got some amazing baby tomato’s from the supermarket yesterday.

egg pancake

I just had to use them. But with omelet …..boring. Finally decided to make this. Best part decided what to put on the go.

egg pancake

Directions to make herbed egg pancake-


3 eggs
6 baby tomato’s halved or regular tomatoes quartered
2 onions roughly chopped
Few sage leaves or any fresh herbs you can find(like coriander/mint)
1tsp Dried mixed herbs
Salt & pepper as per taste


In a nonstick pan heat some oil. Add onions. Saute for few sec then add baby tomatoes. Let it cool for 1 min. Remember we don’t have to breakdown the tomatoes. Add salt.

In a bowl add eggs, sage, salt and pepper. Mix well.

Pour over the eggs in the pan. Cook on the least heat as possible. Mine took about 7 min to cook.


Let it rest for 3-4 min in the pan before taking it out.

Just slide it over to your serving plate. Enjoy with toast!!


This is a ideal breakfast for on the go or for busy mornings. You can also freeze this recipe in usable portions and use when needed.

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