Homemade & Healthy Lemon Kurmura | Homemade Puffed Rice Snack

Nothing is better than a homemade treat. Homemade & healthy lemon kurmura is a perfect snack to fill up for mid meal hunger pangs.

Healthy snacking is on my mind these days. I love the fact that I can make these myself with just 1tsp of oil and know that its fresh and healthy to munch on. My hubby came back from office and I offered him this bowl with tea and he asked “where did you get this kurmura from” and I was like really; I MADE THAT?? and he couldn’t believe me.

When I was clicking pictures my son came and asked if he could have some and in that very instant was ready to grab the bowl and run?. REALLY!! So I asked him to just grab it and stand and he did?? (so cute BTW)

Anyways this recipe is pretty basic and you can add more things like diet bhel or sev or gathiya or spicy hot mix in it or play with flavors around to suit your taste buds. This kurmura is spicy, tangy and crunchy; everything it should be.

Directions to make homemade & healthy lemon kurmura-


3 cups kurmura

5-7 curry leaves

3/4 cup peanuts

Juice of 1 lemon

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

Salt as per taste

1-2 green chilies

1tsp olive oil


In a wok or kadai heat oil. Make sure its not too hot.

Add curry leaves, peanuts, chilies. Roast a bit. Add salt & turmeric powder.

Switch off the gas and add lemon juice and the kurmura.

Mix well until combined.

Enjoy with hot cup of tea.
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