How To Make Coconut Chutney, Nariyal Ki Chutney

Ever had a dosa and relished the milky, nutty, tasty coconut chutney! Today we will make Coconut Chutney For Dosa which is so very easy to make.


South Indian food is incomplete without Coconut Chutney or quite famously called Nariyal ki chutney. The chutney enhances the taste of dosa/idli and my most favourite part of eating dosa. Second servings are a must.

I sometimes serve this Coconut Chutney with Kanda Poha or vegetable Sooji upma.

Lets see how we can make it at home.

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Directions to make Coconut Chutney For Dosa-


For chutney-

1 tbsp chana dal

3/4 cup chopped fresh coconut (I like to peel the skin but it’s optional)

Salt as per taste

For tempering-

2 tbsp oil

1 tsp Rai/mustard seeds

A pinch of hing

7-8 curry leaves

optional ingredients for chutney just for flavor add-

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

green chillies as per your taste

Fresh coriander

Some sour curd


In a pan firstly roast chana dal till fragrant.

In a blender add the dal and give it a blend.

Dal should be mostly powdered.

Now add coconut and blend again.

You will need water for blending.

You could also use some curd for blending.

Add any optional ingredients like ginger garlic or chillies

Add salt as per taste.

Once you get a smooth chutney like consistency, pour in a serving bowl.

For tempering heat the oil.

Immediately pour rai, hing and curry leaves.

Mix it with the prepared chutney.

Serve with dosa, idli.


Recipe notes-

Makes about a cup and a half of chutney enough for 3-4 people.

Use this chutney within 24 hours.

Since this chutney is enjoyed fresh you can’t really freeze it.

To instantly make chutney you could peep the skin and chop the coconut in small peices and freeze it. Whenever you need chutney just blend again.

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