How to stay calm during 21 day lockdown, COVID19

The 21 day lockdown imposed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought a country of billions to a halt. And our busy life’s with a routine has now stopped suddenly. In this many of us are struggling to stay sane. Let’s discuss how to stay calm during 21 day lockdown period.

The lock down period is indeed a tough spot for everyone. Everyone is literally juggling home chores and work all at once. We all are trying to squeeze in work, fun and sanity in 24 hours. Grimacing over it is no longer a choice we can make. Amidst all this, have we wondered what lessons we are giving our children? I mean yes, they have indeed had a magic wand waved at them that has put an end to schools and lots of playtime. They are being showered with more attention than before by their parents and everyone around is being nicer than usual to each other.

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Being a thorough optimistic at heart and with all my blooming optimism, I am hoping this will end soon. As adults we indeed will come out stronger and more skilled in home chores, I guess. Also if you are utilizing your online resources beyond Instagram, chances are you would learnt a new language or skill too. As far as our kids our concerned, shouldn’t we thinking about drawing out some life-lesson through this for them too. Here is what you can talk to them about.

When in trouble, ask for help and guidance – As adults we often want to be the one man army and take credit for everything we do. Taking credit for your hard work is one thing and battling something dangerous alone is stupidity. Always ask for help, look for resources to help you sail through.

Stay calm, worrying will only multiply your troubles – A tricky situation is bound to make your anxiety score go high. Focus on the positives rather than stressing on the negatives. Worrying is bound to weaken your chain of thoughts, adding to your troubles in return. So teach your kids to breathe and stay calm. Let the kids know that accepting the situation and moving forward is the best way to work.

Trust information only through valid and verified sources – The kids have definitely seen you turn to your phones and computers for various updates during this pandemic. Teach them that information through verified sources needs to be trusted. Also educate children about not participating in the mayhem of unnecessary and false information being passed around. A good chunk of messages on WhatsApp are either fake or tampered information.

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 Don’t Panic and exercise caution? – I am sure we all know that panicking can only shake the strong foundation on your confidence. Talk to your kids in totality about the situation and explain what’s happening. Tell them how the people around them are taking care of the situation and working to make it better. In today’s times the best you could do as parents is set example for kids to follow.

Stock up cauldrons of optimism, it will only help you keep sane. – Keep up your cheery and sane front in the kids. Let the kids know being happy is the best way to enjoy times of struggle. Believing that tough times do not last will help your kids learn that too. You could have pretend play around a tough situation eventually getting better through hard work, focus and determination.

Time management is the best skill you can have – The kids are off school and may be even off a routine. Let them relinquish the fun times but also teach them how they can best utilize their time. Plan activities that you can do with them. This way when they see you making good use of your time, they would practice the same too.

Always be prepared for contingencies – There are always multiple ways to reach the destination. Whenever you are planning for somethings, teach the kids to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Kids for sure would have watched you stocking up on things, explain why it was done and how it would help you.

Your family is your biggest support system – The kids should always be happy about turning to family for any help or advice they need. This can be achieved through open and honest communication. Shower them with love, respect and appreciation. Talk to them about everything big and small that their tiny brains can absorb.

Being thoughtful and counting your blessings – As adults we often tend to force it down our kids’ brains that they are very fortunate. It is us parents who often give children more than they need. Now is the best time to teach them about gratitude. You could get kids to make a daily chart on what they are thankful for each day, let that list increase every day. They could start with very trivial things and move onto bigger things.Kids simply watch and learn. Their childhood memories and lessons, stay etched in their minds forever. Considering you don’t have to wow anyone with your cooking or cleaning skills, use this time with kids and family to your best abilities.

This blog post has been contributed by Sabiha Gulrays. She is a mommy and an Entrepreneur by profession and a writer by choice. An avid blogger who has a vast corporate experience up her trade.The choice to be a blogger and writer came from her strong urge to sprinkle optimism in people’s lives around the world. She believes that sometimes the most important life lessons get drawn from the most trivial things in life!!

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