How to use breastpump to boost your milk supply

If you are a new mom then you should know Breastfeeding Basics for New Moms. But many times we often forget that pumping can be our friend in the breastfeeding journey!

In fact most women don’t even think about breastpumping as an option in case they are not able to feed.

In many cases of low milk supply it’s recommended to pump so that you can increase your milk supply and feed your baby.

how-to-use- breastpump-to-boost-milk-supply

You still need your obstetrician to diagnose if you really have low milk supply and possible route to resolving it.

What is breast pumping?

Breastpumping is the way with which you pump the breastmilk via a breastpump(electric or manual) and then feed that milk through a bottle.

When should you choose to breastpump?

You should choose a breastpump in case of –

  • Low milk supply
  • Delay in Breastfeeding at birth
  • If there is any gap in Breastfeeding and you want to start Breastfeeding again
  • If you suffered any breast related problem like breast mastitis or blocked milk ducks or inverted nipple or sore nipples and was unable to feed
  • If you need to go back to work but still want to feed your baby
  • If you seem to have a slow start and you want to feed baby breastmilk
  • If you have over milk supply
  • If you feel your breast engorged

Manual or electric breastpump, which is better?

If you need to breast pump everyday for 4-6 times a day then investing in an electric breastpump is better. But if you plan to breastpump rarely or not on a fixed schedule then manual breastpump is better for you.

Is breastpump milk any less than directly Breastfeeding?

No. If you choose to breastpump and feed your baby then that is your choice or your need of the hour. It doesn’t make you any less mother.

Do I need a schedule for breastpumping?

If you regularly use breastpump to extract milk from your breasts it can be beneficial for you to increase and maintain your breastmilk supply.

How to use breastpump to boost your milk supply?

  1. Use the correct breastpump as it can save you lots of time and trouble. If you plan you exclusively breastpump and feed consider investing in a dual breastpump. If not then a single one or a manual breastpump is also fine.
  2. Learn to use a breastpump, it may not be as simple as it may look. You can watch plenty of videos online for how to use a breast pump. Once your breasts are correctly sucked by the cup you can start pumping.
  3. Get comfortable, grab a snack or a book. Pumping is equivalent to Breastfeeding so minus the baby you still have to sit for 30 mins or so to extract milk. And when you do this every 2-3 hour interval it can become monotonous.
  4. Pump more to get more, it’s a simple theory of demand and supply. So by breastpumping you are creating a demand and hence you get more supply. If you are Breastfeeding and breastpumping then first feed your baby and then pump the rest. If exclusively breastpumping them simple extract all the milk from one Breast then moving to the next.
  5. Clean the breastpumping equipment frequently.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated, rest enough, give your back some downtime breastpumping can be tiring.
  7. Invest in good bra that supports your breasts.


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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post Avin. With my first born, I never used breastpump as I was not aware much about it. But being pregnant second time,this post is indeed helpful in understanding why breastpumps are so important.

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