3 Ingredient Indian Mulberry Jam Recipe | Shahtoot Jam Recipe

Indian mulberry jam recipe is one of my favorite homemade DIY item.

Jams are fun and it uses just 3 ingredients and so so easy. I make them in the season and no matter how much I make I ended up asking myself why didn’t I make more. I mean it’s so tasty that I end up using it soon.

Rich and luscious Violet shade of mulberry matches the jam too. It’s sweet but just enough that your toast would just be tasty and a bit tangy.

I feel like the flavor just explodes in my mouth. And plus there is no comparison of fresh homemade jam to store bought.

Directions to make Mulberry jam recipe-


500 gm fresh Indian mulberry

1 tbsp vinegar + more for soaking

3 cups sugar( please adjust as per your taste)


To prep the mulberries wash them in flowing water.

Then take a big bowl or patila. Add 1/2 cup vinegar and fill with water till 3/4. Add the mulberries. Let them soak for 30 mins.

Now strain and add sugar to mulberries and keepa side. I like to mash them together with the back of spoon. Leave them for 1 hour.

Now this mulberry and sugar mix needs to be heated till all is combined in a jam like consistency.

In the end add 1 tbsp vinegar.

To check place a dollop of jam on a freezer cold plate.  When run our finger through it the jam should stay in place. Then it’s done.

New to prep the glass jar place them for 5 mins in boiling water and leave aside to dry. Ideally this should be done well in advance.

Now I wait for a while for the jam to cool down(not too much otherwise it will thicken)

Blend with a hand blender. Strain in the container and store in refrigerator once cooled completely.

I like to smear on a slice of bread. Enjoy!!

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