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Instant Besan Dhokla is basically a steamed pancake of fermented batter made from chickpea flour or rice or semolina and tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

And best part its easy and so healthy. This recipe is made with Besan aka chickpea flour.


The international breakfast of Gujratis, as it is known but having said that I am a great fan of dhoklas. Growing up my Nani’s family stayed in Surat(Gujrat). So I have had my share of khaman dhokla throughout my childhood with a serving of Sosiyo(a local drink available there just like coke but different flavor). If you know sosiyo please leave a comment.☺


So that time I never how it was made or what went into it. They served it with kanda(onion) and fine sev with a spicy and sweet green chutney & I just enjoyed it with great joy!! Here in Bombay you don’t get the same thing so thought of making my own. See I am more fond of Punjabi cuisine for obvious reasons and some dishes are so available everywhere that I don’t bother to make only. But dhokla is now outside that list and I may never buy mine again.


Directions to make Instant Besan Dhokla-


For the batter-

1 1/4 cup besan(chickpea flour)

2 tsp ginger garlic paste

3/4 cup water

3 tsp sugar

3/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp oil & extra for greasing

1 tbsp eno(fruit salt)

[If not using eno replace with 2tbsp lemons juice and 1/2 tsp baking soda]

For tempering-

3 tbsp oil

10-15 curry leaves

1/4 tsp hing

1 tsp sugar

1/2 cup water

3-4 green chilies

Fresh Grated coconut or desiccated coconut for garnishing


Take water and add sugar and salt (if using lemon juice add that too). Mix until dissolved.

Now add this mix to the flour with the ginger garlic paste.

Grease your steaming pan generously with oil.

Add eno or baking soda in the batter and stir gently. The batter will start to froth and light up. Tip this batter into your steamer pan. Steam for 10-15 mins on medium heat. Check by inserting a toothpick in the middle.

When its steaming, prepare for tempering. Mix the sugar and water and keep aside. In a pan heat oil. Now add mustard seeds and thing til it flutters and now add curry leaves and green chilies. To this add your sugar water and cook for another 20 sec. That’s it.

Once done take out of the steamer and give it 1 min to let all the steam escape. Now with a spoon pour this tempering all over the dhokla. Garnish with coconut.

Enjoy with coriander chutney(click here for dhokla coriander chutney), onions and sev.

This recipe serves 3-4 people easily.


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