Johnsons Baby Range- New Launch

If you are following me on social media you must know I went for an event where Johnsons launched their new range of products for babies. This was a worldwide launch.

This was Johnsons 125th year and to mark the celebration they launched their new range of products which will soon be available in markets for sale.

I also did a live on Instagram where I shared what all I did in the event. Mainly we had an awesome group of bloggers & influencers who came together for the event. I got to mingle with many mom bloggers and participated in contest and won hampers for that too. Over all it was a fun event but above all a lot of information was shared which I will be talking about in this post. If you are not following me on Instagram then please click here and follow. Would love to have you ☺

So what’s new!!

Lets talk about functionality first-

  1. Pear shape- helps in better grip when holding the product.
  2. One hand use- New range of products can be opened with just a click or from a squeeze/push bottle instead of opening regular bottle.
  3. New Look & design- from shape to color to the packaging its all new!!


Do you know what’s new on the inside!!

The new range of Johnson is-

  • Parbens free
  • Phthaletes free
  • Sulphate free
  • Free of Dye

Plus Johnson New Range of baby products reach the highest IFRA(International Frangrance Association) standards!!

All johnsons products are clinially proven mild, ph balanced and hypoallergenic. Hence more gentle!!

All these plus are reasons I use Johnson baby products on my son as well because we are a Johnsons family.

You can buy the new Johnsons products from here⬇


I would like to thank Babychakra & Johnson for the invite to their mega launch. It was an amazing experience and I got to learn a lot about Johnsons & about there products which now my followers and readers will also be able to know now!

Disclaimer- I have not been paid for the event or the invite. I received Johnsons products as a token of my presence at the event. All the thoughts about their products are my own and have no influence from the brand.

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