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Laccha Paratha

The perfect laccha paratha is a one which has layers of goodness and tastes divine. Here is a recipe of a basic  masala laccha paratha.


Wholewheat dough
Red chilli powder
Black pepper powder
Ajwain/ carom seeds
Ghee for stuffing and frying


Take a small ball size dough. Roll it into a chapati. Spread ghee, salt, red chilli powder, black pepper powder and ajwain as per your taste.

Now start folding from one and to another as shown in pic.

Make a ball by folding from one end to another and press it down gently. Make sure to tuck the end down inside to seal.

Now flatten to form of paratha with the rolling pin.

In a hot tawa cook on both side until light brown. Fry it up with a little ghee on both sides.

Serve hot with butter.



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