1. How far my experience goes with low milk supply while breastfeeding is the lack of sleep and rest. After a baby’s arrival, we forget that a mother needs a rest too… We start focusing more on the baby’s whereabouts and activities, but we usually overlook the health of a mother, and especially of her rest and a good sleep..

    The more you take rest and be stress free, the more will be the milk supply.

  2. Seema Bardeskar

    It is very important to keep a check on your milk supply and have foods that enhance them. Great post with good tips!

  3. Sabiha

    Great tips to help new mothers.You have covered very valid and relevant points through this post.A must read for all new moms and others helping her.

  4. My first breast feeding experience is also not good. In hospital with the help of nurse it was quite difficult. After 10 days I learned slowly with the help of elders. But yes, it give feeling of “completion”

  5. Smalltownie

    That’s a very informative post! Didn’t know we could solve the problem of low mil supply through these methods! Great! Thanks 👌🏼

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