Makkai Roti

Being a Punjabi makkai roti with saag are know to be the ultimate duo to me. Makkai is a heavy flour. It increases the stomach while digesting and thus keep you full for a longer period of time. It dates back to the time when the green revolution was happening in punjab, mothers & wifes used to cook this combo and took these to ths fields to feed the men.


I have been having makkai roti in breakfast since a child. This is the cheat/instant version of the same. My mother used no plain flour additions.

2 cups white makkai
2 cups plain flour
1cup mooli/ raddish
1 cup fresh methi/fenugreek leaves washed & finely chopped
1large onion chopped
1tsp ajwain
1tsp salt
Oil for kneading (5-6tbsp)
Water for kneading as required


Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.

Add water and bring it together. Use oil for final kneading.

Now heat the tawa. Take a big ball of makkai atta and very gently dab completely in plain flour and begin rolling.

Now place gently on the tawa. Cook from both sides with ghee or butter and serve with a big dollop of butter.



Give it a good knees in the end with oil. The more you knead it the more softer it will be.

If it’s difficult to roll the roti without breaking, try making a thick roti. You can also use a cling film to roll them.

For addition to filling you can also add boiled potato, carrots, palak.

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