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Malai Sooji Ka Chilla, Baby Food 9 months+

Healthy, tast and nutritious malai sooji ka chilla for babies 9 months+

Malai sooji chilla is nothing but a semolina pancake made with malai (not fresh cream* see notes) although you can make the same chilla with curd as well for a healthier version.

It’s perfect weight gain food for babies + the tasty Chilla and texture is so soft and creamy for babies.

It’s also perfect finger food for babies and toddlers. Plus a great light after school snack idea for kids.

Sooji chilla is so tasty and loved by all.

In every 1-2 days I am making this for my kids.

Directions to make Malai Sooji Chilla for babies 9 months+ –


2 tbsp malai homemade
4 tbsp sooji/rawa
2 tbsp mix veggies finely chopped (onion, carrot, capsicum, bell peppers, broccoli as per your choice or availability)
Salt & pepper as per taste

Mix all the ingredients and leave it for 5 mins
The mixture should be not thick or thin. Just enough loose for spreadable consistency.
Heat a tawa, add little oil and grease the tawa.
On a low to medium flame add two tbsp batter and spread like a chilla.
Let it cook till edges brown and the centre is mostly cooked.
Flip and cook for 30 sec.

My chilla is stuck on tawa?

Grease the tawa well. Always spread chilla on a low heat and then increase to medium high. Also since we are using malai there is not much need to add oil.

My chilla keeps breaking?

Add 1/2 to one tsp more sooji in the mixture just in case it’s too watery. Loose batter will not let the chilla set and eventually while flipping it will break. Try making smaller discs rather thag one big chilla.

Can I use Fresh cream instead of malai?

No it will not result the same as malai and fresh cream are different.

What if I don’t have access to malai?

If you don’t have malai try the same recipe with curd. Recipe video-|

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