Mango Drinks Recipe Roundup

Summers are here people and so are the mangoes. Its time to not just devour mangoes by plain eating but drinking them too.

My Mango Drinks Recipe Roundup is sure to make you try some of them.

Some recipes are from the blog and some have been contributed by talented bloggers and my dear friends. Hopefully give them a try, share and leave your comments of which one was your most favourite among your family and friends.

So before we begin lets talk about which mangoes you can use. My personal opinion is that Alphonso’s are of course the best mangoes to use but try other varieties as wel like lal baugh, totapuri for drinks, badami for shakes or smoothies. Avoid any fibrous mangoes that will ruin the texture of the drink.

Lets start with the Mango drinks roundup-

Mango Mojito

This deep yellow color tropical drink is similar to a Mojito but just with additional mango in it. It’s just kind of lift me up kind of drink. And I was surprised how good it tastes. Have to try this to believe me?

Mango Lemonade

This amped up version of lemonade is so so good. Make mango drinks at home and give your family a pure treat. Ditch the cold drinks for this delicious treat.

Mango Mastani By Jyoti Babel

Mango Mastani is a very thick mango flavoured milkshake topped with a scoop of ice-cream, nuts, and chopped fresh fruit. Often tutti fruity or glace cherries are also used as toppings. You can get as creative as you like with the toppings.

Raw Mango Ginger Cooler With Coconut Water By Lathiya

This drink is simple with few ingredients. You will love this if you are a lover of raw mango like me. I made this with coconut water but you can add soda too.

Caribbean-inspired Mango, Passion Fruit and Coconut Lassi By Jagruti

Mango, Passion Fruit and Coconut Lassi, a tropical fruit blend with beaten low fat coconut yogurt, bursting with exotic and tropical flavour, cannot be missed, because you will taste a pinch of heaven and happiness with this Caribbean -inspired  Lassi.

Mango Strawberry Layered Breakfast smoothie By Padma Veeranki

The best part is this Mango Strawberry Layered Breakfast Smoothie, it takes no prep work, so easy to make and tastes out of the world! Smoothies are a great way to get all your favourite essences into the perfect relaxation refreshment. They are the ultimate hearty, healthy no cook wonder drink and kids love them.

Aam Ka Panna By Avin Kohli

Aam ka Panna is by no doubt the mother of all summer drinks. It’s cooling, refreshing and tasty way of keeping hydrated this summer.

Mango Masala Delight By Avin Kohli

A ripe mango recipe that is fairly different from the crowd. Can be made win advance. A must try.

Mango Shake By Avin Kohli

Mango shake has so many memories attached to it. As children we used to wait for mango season to come and we could have mango shake. Nothing fancy just plain milk, sugar and mangoes blended together. Yum!!!

 Mango Smoothie by Jayashree

Mango smoothie is packed with goodness of mango, yogurt and milk.

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