Mango Lemonade

Serving a chilled glass of Mango Lemonade with breakfast is so refreshing.

This amped up version of lemonade is so so good.

Seriously you have to try this as the mango season is in. Already made this 3 times in a week. My hubby and son asking for more and more.

Make mango drinks at home and give your family a pure treat. Ditch the cold drinks for this delicious treat.

Directions to make Mango Lemonade-


1/2 cup mango puree(use lalbaugh, totapuri or Alphonso for best taste)

4-5 tbsp lemon juice

4-5 tbsp sugar ( as per the sweetness of mangoes and as per your taste)

Lemon slices for garnish

Water as needed

Lots of ice


In a large jug add mango puree, lemon juice and sugar. Let the sugar dissolve fully.

Add the water. Mix well. Make sure to taste test to add more sugar or water.

*I didn’t a strain this as I like a few bits and pieces of mango pulp. If you want you can strain the lemonade and then serve.

In a glass fill the ice cubes and pour the lemonade. Serve chilled.


Can’t make it now. Pin it here for later ??

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